Summary: What branch are you on now in life? Are you produceing fruit?

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What kind of tree are you.

Good morening everyone. What kind of tree are you ? Kind of a strange question isn’t it. What kind of tree am I ? Have you ever looked back in your life and looked at the things that you have done and looked at what you could have done ? Some of you are saying “Yup if I would have only known this or that I would be a millionaire or I would still have that job” , or maybe your saying “Yup if I had only done this or that I would my life would have been different. “ Do you ever ask yourself were am I going? Do you ask God to lead you in the right path? I want to illustrate some for you here. God sees you as a tree . I don’t mean you are an oak or spruce tree but lets look at a tree for a minuet.

In the New Testament it is riddled with reference to trees . In Mathew 12 :33 it says “ make a tree good and it’s fruit will be good, or make a tree bad and the fruit will be bad, for a tree is recognized by it’s fruit.”NIV. Hum we are recognized by or fruit . What is meant by fruit . When we serve in the church that is fruit, when we minister to others that is fruit , when we do the will of God that is fruit . What is bad fruit ? Well that is going against the will of God . That’s doing the things that we shouldn’t do . When we do these things other people see us . When we do good they see the good in us when we sin and do the things against God , guess what they see that to. Yes that’s right when we sin and do the things the we know we shouldn’t others see it and say “... and they call themselves a Christin ?” What is bad though those that don’t know you that don’t know Jesus see you and find out you are a Christian what kind of message are you sending them .Have you caused them to not become a Christian because of what they seen you do or say? Has your interpretation of a Christian warped them to think all Christians are like this? Is your fruit good or bad?

In Mathew 7 :16-18 turn with me “ By there fruit you will recognize them . Do people pick grapes from thorn bushes, or figs from thistles? Likewise every good tree bears good fruit , but a bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree can not bear bad fruit, and a bad tree can not bear good fruit.” NIV .Here is another one referring to us as a tree . Think about this for a minuet Why does Jesus refer to us as a tree so many times in the Bible? Roman 11:16-21 says ”If the part of the dough offered as first fruits is holy, then the whole batch is holy; if the root is holy, so are the branches. If some of the branches have been broken off, and you, though a wild olive shoot, have been grafted in among the others and now share in the nourishing sap from the olive root, do not boast over those branches. If you do, consider this: You do not support the root, but the root supports you. You will say then, "Branches were broken off so that I could be grafted in." Granted. But they were broken off because of unbelief, and you stand by faith. Do not be arrogant, but be afraid. For if God did not spare the natural branches, he will not spare you either. “ NIV .

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