Summary: The wise men were very educated.....but what really made them wise ?

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What Made The Wise Men Wise ?

Matthew 2:1-11

Jokes: 3 Wise Women

Do you know what would have happened if it had been Three Wise

Women instead of Three Wise Men?

They would have asked directions, arrived on time, helped deliver

the baby, cleaned the stable, made a casserole and brought

practical gifts.

One little boy was telling his parents about his Sunday School lesson.....and shared with them the gifts that the wise men brought to baby Jesus.....he said......they brought him goats, frankenstein, and smurfs.

The identity and place of origiin of the wise men has been one of much debate, and conjecture over the years. There are details which are simply not given to us in scripture. How many were there ? Who were they ?

Where were they from ?

Of course the most common number is that there were three because they bore three gifts....this may or may not be the case. It is simply not known.

It has been said of them that they were Kings, princes and or priests.

Many different locations have been suggested as their origin.....the most likeliest being that they were from Arabia or Persia. We are limited to only what truths the scripture gives us concerning these men.

This much we do know......that they were wise !

The word “wise men” is actually “Magi” from which we get our English word “magician”. But they were not magicians as we would think....meaning that they were not experts at slight of hand, and they pulled no rabbit out of their hats. The word “Magi” in those days referred to those who were experts in the workings of the heavens, and the study of the stars. Someone has suggested that they were “oriental scientists”. If they existed today they would be called “astronomers”. These men were probably well educated, and very intelligent, and deserving of the title “wise men” or “magi”.....but I believe what truly made them wise was not their education or intelligence, but their actions. We can glean much from these men from the Christmas story that will show us what truly makes them wise men ? And we can see......if we’re just as wise.

1. They Were Wise In Their Decision.

These men made a decision to seek out, and find he that would be born “The King of the Jews”. This decision was based on their studies, and the information that they had available to them.

a. Stars(or nature)

b. Science

c. Scripture(The O.T. up to the book of Daniel)

While the study of science in our day has led many away from the creator,

these men were led, and rightly so into knowing that there was a God who intervened in the affairs of men. Do not the heavens declare the glory of God or not they the works of his hand. The heavens are the canvas of God and he has painted upon it a number of stars that no man can name or number. Just a few weeks ago while coming to church, the sun was setting, and across the horizon God had painted the most vivid, brilliant colors which no human artist can duplicate. I admire, and appreciate the beauty of the paintings of Thomas Kinkaid who is called the “author of light”....but even his paintings as beautiful as they are cannot do justice to what the heavenly artist has done. I look at the heavens, the sky, the stars, the plants, and all of creation, and I see the fingerprints of God. These men were wise in that they too knew that there was something special, something supernatural about the heavens.

I believe that these men of the Christmas story not only made a decision to come to Christ on science, but because of a star. Though they were experts in the study of stars, they at some point located one which they had never seen before......Much conjecture too has been made about this star. Was it a planet, a comet, a super nova ? Personally it is my opinion that it was a special star.....a sign from the heavens.....that something spectacular was taking place on earth...a symbol that the greatest event of humankind was unfolding on the earth........the Messiah had come.

I believe there was something else that was involved in the decision that they made.....and that was scripture. It has been suggested that these men were not only experts in the study of the heavens, but in prophecy as well.......this much I do know......they had to have had the knowledge of scripture to have known that a “Messiah” was coming.

You and I have much more information than these men did. We have the word of God.....the complete inerrant, infalliable word of God. It is seen, and heard in practically every corner......the scripture is readily available to us. It is preached, and taught over the airwaves via radio.......via T.V....and there are churches like this one that believe, and preach the word located on virtually every street in our society.........but have we been wise enough or will we be wise enough today to decide to come to Christ.

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commented on Nov 24, 2006

Great info on the wise men.

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