Summary: Need for Spiritual Gifts

What Mean These Stones

Text: Joshua 4: 21- 24

These twelve stones piled up on Gilgal where there to teach the rising generation of Israelites what he had done for their fathers.

But they have been cast back into the Jordon.

I.They speak of Bondage

A.Buried in the dark rolling Jordan



B.Imprisoned by iniquity

1.Stream of sin flowing over them



C.Spiritual gifts is laying under the rolling tide

II.Speak of Helplessness

A.Those seeds of spiritual gifts and fruits of the spirit cannot lift themselves out of their buried graves

B.Israelites had to carried them out themselves

C.The church need some men and women to be willing to carry out the stones

D.Spiritual gifts will lay helpless without a willing vessel


A.God dried up the waters to bring the stones to light

B.God sends Revival and we ignore the stones of Spiritual Gifts


A.Carried out of the Jordan on the shoulders of prepared men

B.Laid them down in a lodging place where they dwelt Joshua 4:8

C.Carried out of bondage

V.Speak of Testimony

A.They are memorial stones

B.Once buried and forgotten now they are exalted

C.[V22] Let your children know

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