Summary: Love is as Love does (you don't know love by what a person says, you know love by what a person does) How far does God go to Show Love?

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Isa 5:1-7

What more could I do? Have you ever heard those words

Perhaps if you were able to secretly listen in to a couple of doctors discussing a terminal patient or a patient who died on the operating table you might hear one doctor remorsefully asking the question what more could I do?

Or you might even hear these words as family members speak of one of their children whose life is being destroyed by drugs and an immoral lifestyle. They might say I have bailed him out of jail over and over again, I'm taking care of their kids and bought them groceries I paid their light bill I've even paid their rent to make sure they didn't end up on the streets. What more could I do?

Or those words might be spoken by husband or a wife who has tried over and over to save their marriage they might say I have forgiven them over and over, I knew they were cheating on me I knew they were lying to me, but I wanted to make it work so I forgave them.

And with a broken heart you might hear them say what more could I do?

Sometimes when those words are spoken it's because we're genuinely searching out the matter to see if there's anything that remains, is there something still available? is there a resource? is there a treatment that we haven't tried? yet? Is there a doctor is there a rehab? is there a marriage counseling? is there something that I can do that hasn't been done yet?

what more could we do? what more could I do?

And then sometimes those words are spoken almost hypothetically (meaning) you don't really believe that there could possibly be anything else you could do, because you really believe that you've tried everything and it just makes you feel better just to hear yourself ask the question (what more could I do?

Well the truth is in most cases there is a little more that we could do, we could find new treatments, we could find better doctors, we could find a counselor, we could be more faithful to church, we could be more diligent to read God's word, we could pray more than just in emergencies, we could be faithful with our tithes and offerings, we could be more compassionate, we could be more merciful, we could be more understanding,

Hold onto your seats: We could eat better, we could exercise, we could watch a little less TV, and spend more time with the family.

We could pay better attention to posted speed limits.

If you're going to ask the question what more could I do (you'd better be prepared to hear an answer). And it might be something that you don't want to hear because the truth is many times there is more we could do but we have already decided how far we will go.

There's an invisible line that to cross it would cause pain, it would cost us more than we're willing to pay financially physically emotionally and spiritually.

Now back to our text :

The question is asked what more could i do? or what could have been done more?

Now if this would have been a man asking this question or a woman you would immediately begin to think of the possibilities that were not explored, or the opportunities that were not taking advantage of, or the resources that may have been ignored.

But this was not a man or a woman asking this question it was God.

And he asked it because he already knew the answer, he knew he had done all they could be done.

He didn't ask it because he wanted an answer from us to him (he asked it because he wanted us to answer it to ourselves.)

He asked it in the same way that He asked adam (Where are you?) He wanted adam to answer the question to himself.

The question to everyone of us here and every person that ever drew breath on God's green earth is this: What more could God have done?

To save you

To heal you

To deliver you

To set you free

To give you a life of abundant joy and peace.

And the answer must be (NOTHING).

There is nothing more that God could do or could have done.

There is nothing that God overlooked or left out, there is nothing that he left undone, there's nothing he could have added, there's nothing he forgot, there's nothing he left out.

He went as far as he could: He crossed every T and dotted every I.

Remember my frieind: We're not talking about a good man, or a doctor or a lawyer who in their own human ability, always leave something undone, or uncovered or unused (Simply because, we're human)

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