Summary: We need prayers most when we are most blessed. It is those times the enemy of our souls is hardest at work. He hates the blessings of the blessed.

Colossians 1:9

What motivates you to pray?

Is it needs? Is it stresses? Do you pray primarily when it’s time to eat, taking advantage of an opportunity to give thanks and ask blessings? Do you pray just because you love the Lord and want to commune with Him & ask His will? Whatever it is that motivates us to pray, we can learn something from Paul’s motivation. He prays for the Colossians because they already are blessed with faith, hope and love (v. 8). Why would this motivate Paul to continual, non-stop prayer? Wouldn’t you expect Paul to commit to continual prayer more because of some calamity or strife or division or emergency or suffering? Maybe part of the reason is Paul knows the tactics of the enemy of our souls-he leaves most of us alone, but actively attacks those who are enjoying God’s blessings of faith, and hope, and love. Places of blessings are Satan’s playground. Where do we find the Accuser first? In the Garden of Eden. When does the devil attack Job? When Job is standing in prosperity and abundance of wealth and family and relationship. When does Abraham have the greatest test of his faith? After he enters the Land of Promise. When do Joseph’s brothers work to establish his downfall? At the time he receives Dreams from Heaven. Why is Daniel thrown in the Lion’s Den? Because he is faithful in all his work, and his enemies can find nothing wrong with the execution of his duties-they conspire to use his devotion to God as his downfall. When do miscreants conspire against Nehemiah? After he leaves the palace to build a wall for God’s people, and establish the Temple of God. How is Jesus betrayed? By the kiss of one of his dearest friends in a garden of refuge and prayer. When are Peter and John thrown in prison? When God uses them to bring great healing and blessing for thousands. We may not need prayers the most when we are most distressed. We need prayers most when we are most blessed. It is those times the enemy of our souls is hardest at work. He hates the blessings of the blessed.

So, what is the nature of Paul’s prayer? That they would be continuously filled with the knowledge of God’s will. This should be the central focus of our prayers for ourselves and each other-that God’s will be done. Even in Jesus’ model prayer, the focus seems to be on God and His will. There are personal, corporate requests-for daily bread, and forgiveness-but mostly the prayer is that God would be glorified and His will done on the earth.

What drives you to your knees? Go to Him most when the blessings are the greatest. Those are almost sure to be the times of greatest testing.

Prayer for Today

Dearest LORD, Maker of Heaven and Earth, Lover of our souls, protect us from the fiery darts of the enemy, and establish in our hearts and minds the clear revelation of Your will on this beautiful Earth you’ve entrusted to our care. Grant us the gift of Your Spirit, to oil the squeaky gears of our relationships. Through your Spirit, grant us the faith that quenches the flaming arrows of our enemy.

In the name of the One who is on His way to judge those who destroy the earth


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