Summary: Why is it that some churches are flurishing while others are floundering ? IT’S GOD’S HAND ON THEM This sermon looks at what moves God’s hand off of a church, and what must be done to get God’s hand back on a church.

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“WHAT MOVES THE HAND OF GOD?” Matt. 13:53-58

Intro: What do an airplane, bicycle and a church have in common?

ANSWER: If either stops moving forward you’re in trouble!

Why do some churches seem to experience much of God while others….???

-Is it the style of worship???

Trad. vs. Contemp

Amazing Grace vs. Lord I Lift Your Name On High?

-Is it the preaching??? (All kinds of preaching…)

-Is it the programs??? (Since the 50’s developed more programs…)

-Is it the buildings??? (Big buildings don’t make a big God…)

-Is it the budgets??? (More money we could DO more….Go ye therefore if you have enough in your budget…..)

Folks, we don’t need more programs……we need MORE GOD!

-we don’t need more budgets……...we need MORE GOD!

-we don’t need more buildings…….we need MORE GOD!

-FOLKS, we don’t even need more people…we need MORE GOD!

When visitors come….

-They don’t know your Plans, your Procedures, and Programs, they just want to know your God!

(If we can ever get a hold of the mightiness of God…PREACH!)

The people will come….. BUT WE MUST BEGIN WITH GOD!!!

WELL, what is it that is quenching the power of God in most of our churches today???

I. THERE IS NO VISION! Where there is no vision the people perish. (Prov. 29:18)

Vision – mental sight; seeing the unseen…dream, vision….

People – a congregated unit….

Perish – to loosen or cut off; undirected, undisciplined…

The church becomes like a boat drifting aimlessly at sea tossed to &fro

It is vision that gives us purpose, direction, hope, courage and motivation….

-An architect envisions a building before the plans are drawn or construction begins

-A farmer envisions a crop before the ground is broken…

-A Mom and Dad envision many things for their children even before they are born.

The church must envision:

-The pews being filled to over flowing… Having to go to two services…

-Many out winning the lost w/out waiting on the Pastor to do it…

-Folks being delivered from bondage….

But how do we get there from here????

First we must:


1. Of how He left Heaven to be born in this flesh of a virgin…. 2. Of how He laid His life down as payment for you 3. Of how He’s coming again real soon

B) We Must Get A Vision Of Perishing Souls!

1. Who are these perishing souls???

-Your neigbor…your mother…your Father.

We must literally see the flames…….

………….literally hear the screams of torment…..

………….literally smell the stinch of Hell……Sulfuric

………….literally see the demons as they pounce upon each soul as prey…..

………….envision the wailing and gnashing of teeth….the darkness….

C) We must Get A Vision of Eternity!

1. Eternity is forever and ever and ever……..

2. Eternity will make this life seem like an eye blink

Not only is there no vision in most of our churches today, but


A. Prayer is Warfare!…. NOT Now I lay me down to sleep….

B. Satan’s number one weapon against the church is Christians who won’t pray…

C. Prayer is reaching into the darkness with the hand of god!

D. We must LEARN how to pray!

Not only…No Vision and No Prayer….but


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