Summary: Can you remember back when you gave your heat to Jesus? Exciting time wasn’t it! But, have you given any thought to the events that led up to that moment? Didn’t think so. Everyone upon careful examination could discover the wonderful events that led up

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I. illus. I remember the wonderful answer I got from a close friend when I asked her, "How did you get saved.." and her answer was, "Like everyone else..."

How true, everyone does "get saved" in the same way, through Jesus Christ!

A. However, you will have to agree that we all also have events in our lives, over time, that lead up to our giving our hearts totally to Christ. Though Salvation is the same for all, the events that lead up to it differ one from the other!

The best example we can find is that of the Philippian jailer and his family as well. There were a number of significant events that took place that eventually led to his coming to Jesus Christ as his Savior.

1. The same is for eveyone today as well. To put it plainly, in this story there were three participants that led this man and his family to Jesus:

1. The Saints Part.

2. The Savior’s Part.

3. Finally, The Sinner’s Part.

2. Let’s examine each part that eventually led to this man’s Salvation and surprizingly see how this relates so much to us today!

Main Division

I. The Saints Part, The Singing Of God’s Praises


II. The Savior’s Part, The Shaking Of The Prison


III. The Sinner’s Part, The Searching For God’s Peace


Conclusion: How many events can you remember that God used in your coming to Jesus Christ as Savior?

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