Summary: Today there is no compromise in the church for worship preference. tradition and lethargy tend to reign. Even though some say there is a need to reach young people it is only the young people compromising their preference of worship.

Intro: It’s amazing how a church can see God move miraculously…souls saved and a few people can still find something to gripe about….

-this shows there level spiritual immaturity….

This sermon is not intended to hurt anybody’s feelings….

I have been given no choice but to declare what God thinks about the matter….

You’d better be careful who you’re listening to….

Tonight we’re going to make a choice….

-Are we going to continue in bondage because of sour opinions or…

-Are we going to walk in the liberty that Christ bought for us?

I. The PURPOSE of Worship

A. Worship means someone or something is worthy of worship….

-God created the Heavens and the earth….man woman….HE’S OUR GOD!!!

-Jesus hung on the cross in your place; paid your debt…HE’S YOUR


-You have a FREE ticket to HEAVEN!!!! PREACH HEAVEN!!!

Is it worth showing a little excitement and expression????

II. The METHOD of Worship

A. Rejoicing – (means cheering)

B. Clapping – (means clapping) Psalm 47:1

This is a desperate command….. “O Clap your hands…..”

The reason many of us never experience God is cause maybe He thinks we’re in a COMA

C. Shouting – (means to wail, to shout)

D. Giving – (Tithes and offerings)

E. Service – (Ministry and helps)

III. The RESULT of Worship

A. God visits His people….It does not REPEL God or quench the spirit…

I’ve heard people say it stops the Spirit…

-Obedience to God’s Word and ADORATION; NEVER quenches the Spirit…

B. God empowers His people….a boldness in the face of opposition….

-They were considered an apostate and forbidden to enter the temple…SOUND FAMILIAR?

Let’s talk about Charismatic for a moment…

Comes from charis – meaning grace….speaks of the grace gifts given to every believer by the Holy Spirit….

Therefore, can clapping be a grace gift? Shouting?

NOW! About this clapping….

Solo’s ……appreciate…..and glorify God for the message in song

Regular hymns…show me in the Bible where it’s even suggested to be wrong…

During preaching?…bring it on…….It sure beats all the yawning!!!

So what do we do now? We worship…

If you’re uncomfortable then pray for God to give you a peace…

-we won’t make fun of you if you don’t clap

Too often today we see that churches want to reach younger people but will not compromise to accommodate their desire for worship.

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