Summary: Dealing with the storms of life.

What sank the ship? Acts 27:9 – 25

Paul was on his way to Rome as a prisoner, aboard a grain ship with 276 people on board.

They were laid over in a harbor called Fairhaven, and faced the decision on whether to sail on or wait there.

They knew that storms were coming because of the time a year that it was.

They had a choice!

3 stages of life. We also have seasons in life.

Before the storm during the storm results of the storm.

We all face storms – We can choose how we deal with them.

Which path will take.

What direction we will go.

How we deal with the aftermath.

Storms are inevitable – trials, temptations, struggles, tribulations.

The storms may not be of our making – they may be out of our control.

Storms will come to life.

The storm did not sink the ship! – Bad decisions sank the ship.

Acts 27:9 – 13

5 contributing factors to the sinking of a ship.

1. Impatience (9) “The fast was now already passed.”

Late September or early October – winter is coming (hurricane season for us).

Have you ever got ahead of God’s plan for your life, or taken a risk on your own? Paul is going to Rome by divine appointment. Obstacles get in the way and God can use them to reveal himself.

God does not work on our time – how well we know.

I’m not a patient person – I want it now, I want right now, or I’ll get someone else or do it myself.

(10) No time to listen to the man of God – they just couldn’t wait.

Waiting on God is hard – it is also arrogant.

Waiting on God is humbling – Patience is a learning experience.

The ships staff got impatient and the results of their impatience headed them into a storm that they could have avoided.

Some of their impatience caused procrastination. They were not forced to make a hasty decision. They knew the seasons.

2. Expert advice (10) “Nevertheless the Centurion was more persuaded by the helmsman and the owner of the ship.”

The Centurion was persuaded by the owner of the ship.

Soldier persuaded by a sailor.

Expert – former spurt.

Experts built the Titanic but Noah built the ark.

Advice is easy to get – it comes from everywhere and everyone.

Self-help books fly off the shelves yet we get worse with each generation.

Commentaries on every subject and everyone has an opinion.

But true wisdom comes from God!

We must be careful where we get our advice from – there are a lot of experts but there are few truly wise men.

3. Looking for a comfortable situation. (12)

“And because the Haven was not suitable/commodious to winter in.”

“The easy life is the life for me.”

Everybody likes the easy way. The most comfort with the least effort.

A. Comfort is great – We find comfort in the Lord.

We find comfort in the Holy Spirit – he is our comforter.

B. Being comfortable can lead to complacency.

Unmotivated, uncaring, on driven, and lazy.

Churches are dying all around us because people want to do anything they just want to receive.

Consumerism has contaminated many churches.

We must get out of our comfort zone, off of our pew, and put in effort to get reward.

Example – athletics and finances.

Athletes know that they must work, work out, and work at their craft to become better. Professional athletics is now a year-round job to stay in shape.

Finances require effort – If you don’t work you don’t get paid.

If you want more you must get better your job.

What you did is not enough – what you can or will do is what bring success.

Life is not easy.

An axiom – “You can have anything you want if you’re willing to sacrifice enough for it.”

Where are our priorities?

Are you looking for an easy life/comfortable situation?

4. Listening to the majority (12) “The more part advised.”

Do we hear the preacher or to the people?

Do we listen to God or two good men?

Democracy is based on biblical principles that it is not God’s method of government.

God is in control – public opinion is not considered.

No matter what we think or how many there are of us we cannot override God.

Examples – 10 of the 12 spies advised against entering Canaan.

The majority ended up dying in the wilderness.

Korah and his 250 were swallowed up by the earth because of rebellion.

The majority is not always right they are just the majority.

Being a Christian is not popular in our current culture, but it is necessary for eternal life, heavens reward, and God’s blessings.

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