Summary: Message calling all believers to action; to move forward in servitude and stop delaying.

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What shall we do now, Lord?

2 Peter 1:12-21


- Today, I want to discuss an important message from Peter; a man who always served

- Peter was a servant because Jesus restored him (feed/sheep); we need restoration!!

- Because of the life we have led before; we must spend remainder serving Jesus Christ

- Pray

Point 1 (Read vv.12-15)

- God makes it a point in our lives to continue reminding us about what should we do

- It is not an option when you are a believer; it is a requirement; a payment for salvation

- Peter was a man who constantly needed refreshing, because he did not get “it” …

- Here, we see this very man reminding us – possibly even about where we fail today

- Even as he is leaving; he ensures that all he can do is to tell the people again

- As a Pastor, I have the same responsibility – we need to be reminded of God’s calling

-- God gives us His Son, and then he tells us bluntly to OBEY what is commanded

-- The Lord is more concerned with your obedience, than your offering of praise

- Peter strongly says that soon he will be gone – as Jesus promised – we will also!

- Are you obeying God – or are you serving because of tradition and “always done it”?

- Let’s read how Peter testifies to what he has seen and how to live …

Point 2 (Read vv.16-18)

- The disciples were eye witnesses to what Jesus had done, and we are as well

- All around us we have examples of God’s grace and mercy; but who do we tell?

- Jesus’ grace is enough for anyone to take part in and to have for themselves …

- Peter’s confession is that he heard with his own ears what the Lord said about Jesus

-- And then he spent his life giving that testimony to others so that could hear as well

-- But, who do we bring to church on Sundays or Wednesdays to hear the Word?

- Do we hear with our own ears what God would have us do? Or, do we hear ourselves?

- This world is seeking to swallow up believers because that is what it does …

- Today, are you allowing the world to swallow you up?

- Let’s check back in with Peter …

Point 3 (Read vv.19-21)

- The word of the prophets is displayed proudly for all of us – in our OWN bibles

- We are to be a light to a world; believers are called NEVER to stop shining the light

- The rising of the morning star will be the coming of Jesus; and we still have work to do

- No man invented the Word, but 2 Tim 3:16 says it is God-breathed, suitable for …

- As the Spirit filled man, those men testified and exemplified living for Jesus Christ

- Church, we are called to do the same. No one is exempt from living for God – ever!

- It has been my desire and my hope that we would see this, and we would act upon it

- This is my final challenge to you as a church (expound to conclusion …)

- Jesus is calling us to move, calling us to serve, calling us to come to worship and be Spirit filled just as the men and women of the bible are … but are we?

- Blessing and pleasure to Pastor; but God is still calling you to action …

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