Summary: The Word of God is absolutely unique. In the history and literature of man there is no other book or writing that even begins to compare with the influence, persuasion, and power of the Word of God.

What The Word Of God Is Good For

(II Timothy 3:16-17)

The Word of God is absolutely unique. In the history and literature of man there is no other book or writing that even begins to compare with the influence, persuasion, and power of the Word of God. The derivation of the Word Bible clearly illustrates it's vitality and essentiality. The word for Bible comes from Greek and Latin words for book. In relation to the Bible, the expressions came to mean The Book. The Book that became the standard against which all other books and every moral law and philosophy was to be measured. The measuring rod and canon against which all false doctrines and teachings were to be compared and accepted or discarded as the light of the Word was shone upon them.

Paul is strongly asserting that the Word of God is not only unique, vital and essential, as to defy description, but that it is also peculiarly, particularly and practically beneficial to the Christian in his life and walk before the Lord. What makes the Word of God so unique and valuable? Because in and through it the Holy God and Creator of this universe ' personally communicates with His beloved creature, man. In God's eternal purpose to make unto Himself eternal son's through eternal redemption, the Word of God was planned as man's vital communication and connection link with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

In this day of instant communication, when the billions comprising the population of planet earth can instantaneously be privy to the earth-shattering events of world chaos and catastrophe, it is sobering to reflect on the communication capacity of God through His Word. In an age when man is enthralled with the idea of possible reception of radio waves from the farthermost reaches of God's immense and infinite universe, it is good to consider the ultimate communication of all time and eternity. In a time when governments and private institutions spend untold billions in vain attempts to get a word or message from outer space, it is good to know that the great Creator communicator has simply and clearly spoken to His creatures. While so-called intelligent scientists wait with bated breath for just the faintest signal from an imagined alien world, we who accept and believe the Word of God can relish and revel in the fact that our Great God has spoken loudly and clearly in His eternal revelation to man.

In tandem with the plan of God encompassing the death of the Son of God on the cross of Calvary for the sins of mankind, the Word of God is the vital communication link that spans the awful and infinite gulf of sin separating man from his Maker. Let us look back to that eternal plan formulated in the counsel halls of eternity. (Acts 2:23, Romans 8:28 -32) Can you imagine the challenge facing an infinite, incomprehensible and Holy God, when faced with the task of setting up a communication link with sinful, finite man? He initially spoke with man face to face in the beautiful garden He had prepared for his potential eternal dwelling place. When through man's deliberate and volitional exercise of his own will against his Maker, sin entered in and severed the lines of direct communication, God began to communicate in various and sundry ways as the development of time and circumstance made appropriate.

He wrote His message in the sky in the beauty of a rainbow. He wrote it in the hearts of simple men like Enoch, Abraham Issac and Jacob. He spoke through the flashing of lightning and the crash of thunder upon a Holy Mountain. He condescended to write upon tablets of stone and upon the walls of a pagan palace. He spoke in the winds and rains of disaster and destruction. Then the glory of God is fully revealed when the God-Man stooped to write His precious words of mercy to broken and contrite woman with His own finger in the sands of time.

But in these last days our Great God has chosen to honor us by speaking to us in His Word about the value of His Word. (Heb. 1:1-3) He wishes us to know the tremendous value of reading and knowing His Word. He wishes us to understand the practical and functional place the Word is to have in the Christian's life. Writing through Paul to the young pastor, Timothy, He details these essential functions. He tells us what the Word of God is good for:

The Word of God is good for right and true doctrine and teaching. To guard against the spiritual decease and death that may result from false teaching and doctrine.

The Word of God is good to bring the reproof and rebuke we all need when we are prone to wander away and leave the God we love.

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