Summary: IN the aftermath of the VA Tech massacre, we need to respond by allowing the world a "Glimpse of the Love of God" through us, the church.


1 John 4:7-12

The 1960’s were tumultuous at best. A lot of the cultural seeds planted in the 60’s are being harvested today. This past week we have been shocked into disbelief at the gunning down of 30+ college students who, without warning, through no fault of their own, and in the beginning of their lives, had their lives robbed from them.

As you well know, this event took place on Monday. On Tuesday around lunch I was asked this question, “Preacher, what do you make of this tragedy?” After questioning the questioner I offered my opinion of the matter. Here it is:

Over 40 years ago we took God out of our classrooms. Since that time, we have attempted to take God out of our Government and out of every facet of this culture. The result is: what was once one of the most devout, committed, and spiritually sensitive societies on the planet has now become a culture of corruption. Anytime you take away “a thing”, it creates a void, and thus a need is born. Because of the laws of natural and man, when a void is created there will always be “something else” to come and fill that void. From my experience, observation, study, and belief, when you take away the goodness of God, there exist only one other force in the universe which dares to fills that void. And that is the face of evil. Today, in the events at VA Tech as well as dozens of less publicized such events, we are witnesses of the Biblical principle we call “sowing and reaping”. My prayer is this, “God, be merciful to us and give us one more opportunity to right this sinking ship.”

In reviewing history, the 1960’s give us a preview of things to come. The rebellions & revolutions, which have been so much applauded today, have just begun to take their toll on our society.

Please hear me; what happened at VA Tech does not need to be laid at the feet of foreigners, false gods, or flawed leadership. We have always had these among us. Here is the question for the day; Will we admit and accept the truth that the reason this country (or county, community, city) faces these types of situations is not because of the darkness which is resident in the world, but rather, because those who claim to be believers and those which are identified as churches, have not been on the journey of letting “our lights shine” in such a way that this lost and dying world could see our “Father in Heaven.” Rather, we have been on the quest of protecting our traditions, proclaiming our heritage, promoting our personal agendas and calling it “Christianity.”

It is my conviction that the people in this country are looking for answers. They are not particularly looking for religion, church, or another meeting to attend, but rather, they are sincerely looking for answers to life. Since Jesus is quoted as saying “I am the life”, should it not follow that His believers, His followers, those who claim to be His; that we should be demonstrating with our lives and declaring with our lips that “He indeed, is the Way, the Truth, and the Life?” Should we not be living in such a way that it would be said of us, “they have been with Jesus?” Is it not true that this country and world needs a first hand experience with Jehovah God and His son, Jesus? Is this not what this country and this world needs?

One more time, let me mention the 1960’s. It was in 1965 that Jackie DeShannon released the Burt Bacharach song, “What the world needs now is love.” Candidly, no truer words have ever been spoken. However, the concept forge by these lyrics are quite different than the true need. Let put in place a Biblical perspective of this love

Turn with me, if you will to 1 John 4 and we’ll read verses 7 through 12. As I began the final preparation for this message, it was obvious to me that God had orchestrated our message for the day to coincide with this week’s events.

READ TEXT. PRAY. This is a very powerful passage. The last 3 words in verse 8 constitute the axis, the hub, and the heart of this teaching. It matters not which order it is read.

Whether it reads “God is Love” or “Love is God” matters little because both give the eternal truth. Notice what the scripture does not say. It does not say, “God can love” or “God will love.” The New Testament says things like “God proves His loves” or “God demonstrates His loves” or “God loves so much”, but all of these spring from the central truth that “God is the very epitome” of love. It is His nature, His character, and His makeup. He is the author and finisher of our faith as well as our “hope” and our “love”.

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