Summary: Gleaning from Christ in the Garden. (Luke 22:39-45)

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Intro. In our spiritual lives, at some point God is going to ask us to do something hard. It is difficult to know how to handle this assignment. Fortunately for us, we have God's word to show us how to handle this assignment. We are given in scripture the greatest example of God asking someone to do something hard in Jesus Christ being willing to die on the cross. We can glean several principles that can help us when (not if) God asks us to do something hard.

1. Ask the Almighty (vs. 41)

Communicate with the Father instead of Complaining to your Friends about what God has asked you to do.

2. Admit your Apprehension (vs. 42)

The point is not to disclose to the Father your fear but rather declare the fear to yourself.

3. Acknowledge your Allegiance (vs. 42)

When God asks you to do something hard for Him it will drive you to a crossroad: You will either follow God's commands or fall away from God's commands

4. Accept other's Assistance (vs. 43-44)

Accepting assistance is not a sign of weakness but a sign of wisdom.

5. Act on your Assignment (vs. 45-46)

Eventually you must decide to either do it or not.

Conc. In our spiritual life we are going to be asked by God to do something hard - the question is will we do it or not? How are you going to answer that question?

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