Summary: In Joseph’s story we find 3 principles to help us deal with the unfair things in our lives

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Text: Genesis 39


· Genesis 37 Joseph’s brothers sell him to Ishmeelites for 20 pieces of silver

· Ishmeelites take Joseph to Egypt and sell him to Potiphar, captain of the guard

· In Joseph’s story we find 3 principles to help us deal with the unfair things in our lives


A. Maintain a clear conscience.

· Joseph resisted Potiphar’s wife.

· She lied and had him thrown into prison.

· His conscience was clear. What happened was not his fault.

· We can’t stop others from treating us unfairly, but we can make sure that what happens to us is not our fault.

B. Keep on doing your best.

· Joseph did his best while working for Potiphar, and continued to do his best while in prison.

· As a result, he was made responsible for all that was done there.

· By doing our best even when life is unfair we demonstrate our innocence.

· God may be using the unfair circumstance to prepare us for future tasks.

C. Practice God’s presence.

· The Lord was with Joseph in Potiphar’s house (v. 2) and also in prison (v. 21).

· God is also with us when life is unfair.

· We should remember that He is with us, pray, rely on Him, and do our best.

· We serve the Lord, not man.


· God doesn’t guarantee that we will never be treated unfairly.

· But He does guarantee that, no matter what happens, He will be there to help us and to guide us.

· If we practice His presence, do our best, and maintain a clear conscience, He will help us to endure and eventually be victorious, just like Joseph.

· What unfair treatment are you experiencing right now? Let’s pray together about it.

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