Summary: God never promised a life without hurt. However, He has promised hope to all in need. Find that needed hope He has promised in the following example!

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What To Do When Your Ship Is Sinking!

St. Mark 4:35-41


I. I was in need of a little encouragement when I discovered this little piece of advice from an unknown source, "Don’t wait for your ship to come in...SWIM out to meet it!"

I guess there’s a lot to be said for being proactive. Rather than sitting around feeling sorry for my self, get myself in gear and rather watching for something to happen or change, make it happen.

A. God never promised any of us that after becoming a Christian that our lives would be without discomfort, discouragement even depression. Believe me, everyone one of us will experience one or the other and sometimes all at once!

It’s through these times of difficulty that Jesus becomes more real to us all. Even if you feel like the ship your on is sinking fast God offers faith to us all through the exampled life Jesus Himself lived.

1. Note the three principles Jesus offers for stilling the storms in your life.

Main Division

I. Look At His Example.

a. His fatigue (35-38a)

Christ too became weary due to daily travel. He too needed some time to rest. Granted, if Christ felt the stress of the daily grind so will you. Living the Christian life from day to day isn’t easy. If it was everyone would be doing it!

b. His faith (38b)

Though tired from the weight of the day He knew who holds tomorrow and today in the palm of His hand. What an example. Life is hard and heavy and sometimes both, however, as He knew and did we too should have enough faith to leave it in God’s hand. "Alseep on a pillow..." was God’s way of saying, "It’s O.K. you get some sleep while I stay awake for you."

II. Listen At His Encouragement.

c. in His attention (39a)

The moment the words came out of their mouths Jesus was up and help was on the way. WE need only speak His name and He hears us.

d. in His assertion (39b)

His authority over-ruled the elements. He just spoke, nothing more nothing less. As before, even the world obeys as He speaks. However, Jesus spoke only after He was spoken to. Had the disciples not cried out Jesus might of remained asleep. Not unaware of their need but waiting to hear from them. He waits to hear from you now!

III. Learn From His Exhortation.

e. about the lesson on fear (40a)

It was as if Jesus Himself said to the disciples, "Haven’t you learned anything yet?" Sometimes it takes years before we learn to depend on Him totally. But why choose fear over faith?

f. about the lesson of faith (40b-41)

I’m not sure but, if Christ were living today and could draw on an illustration to teach the disciples an important lesson He might of been tempted to say, "You all are a lot like a box of tea bags, worth very little until you’ve been through some hot water!" Listen, we are either coming out of a storm heading for one or just waiting on one, but, trust me, one’s coming.

Conclusion: Got Jesus on board?

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