Summary: Contrasting the Wise with the fool

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What To Do With All Your Dead Flies

Fly Facts

There are more insects in one square mile of rural land than human beings on the whole planet

* There are 120,000 species of flies, ranging in size from 1/20th of an inch to 3 inches

House Fly - Most common of all insects

Freeze frames, from the high-speed cameras scientists used, proved that flies do not flip, but flop, as they land upon the ceiling. Prior to impact, the fly extends its forward legs over its head, makes contact, and uses the momentum it has gathered in flight to hoist the remainder of its body to the ceiling. Thus, the fly proves to be more of an acrobat, than of a fighter pilot practicing his maneuvers.

Once the fly reunites all six feet on the ceiling, it keeps things dizzingly exciting, by gracefully tiptoing across the ceiling, securing itself by using sticky pads found under the two claws attached to each of its feet.

It is because of these sticky pads and the hairs on the legs that the fly is such a carrier of disease germs.

A Fly’s vision is only sharp for 24-36 inches

Flies jump up and backwards when taking off, so if you swipe at them from behind they will generally jump straight into your palm

Flies can carry typhoid, cholera, diarrhoea, amoebic dysentery, T.B, anthrax, gangrene, bubonic plague, leprosy, scarlet fever and yellow fever … so don’t feel too bad next time you zap one

To stay airborne, a fly has to flap its wings from about two to over three hundred times per second. – 3 times faster than a hummingbird

The speed of repetitive human muscle contractions doesn’t even come close--our muscle fibers can contract only 10 or 11 times per second at most!

- Their average speed is five miles per hour and burst speeds up to 15 miles per hour when threats are detected

Did you know? The entire life of a house fly is spent within a couple of miles of where it was born. Can fly up to 20 miles, although they are found primarily within two miles of the larval food site.

The average housefly lives for 21 days

- House flies breed in garbage (primarily), and garbage cans and large trash containers producing maggots within 24 hours

A generation of flies (egg to adult) may be produced in 12-14 days. In Virginia, there might be time for 10-12 generations during a season. The ninth generation may reach as many as 1,953,000,000 female flies, to say nothing of all the males produced.

* Flies are the only insect to have 2 wings - all others have 4

* After studying 300,000 flies, researchers Dr Yao and Dr Yuan of China concluded that your average house fly carries 2 million bacteria on its body

* House flies’ feet are 10 million times more sensitive to the taste of sugar than the human tongue

If a house fly spots a group of flies, he will join them. That’s why granny’s sticky fly paper worked so well - a few flies got stuck and soon all the others were rushing over to check out the crowd

When feeding, house flies regurgitate liquid from the stomach to dissolve food, then use their sponging mouthparts to suck it up. They leave fecal spots, or "specks," where they have walked, and in this way may transfer disease organisms to humans and animals

A. Dead Flies Decay - 10:1-4.

1. Flies can stink-up a reputations - 10:1

2. Flies never guide (the heart of a fool is not in the right place) - 10:2

3. Flies will invariably betray it own stupidity - 10:3

-- In contrast, the wise person will be patient, steadfast, and informed , even when opposed by those in authority - 10:4

B. Dead Flies Everywhere 10:5-20..

1. Flies About the Head- 10:5-7

a. Ignorance from those in charge

b. Fools praised while the rich are brought low

c. Servants in power while true princes are humbled

2. Flies At Our Work Place- 10:8-10

a. As illustrated through several examples given by the Preacher

b. The wisdom of the wise will know how to expedite his labors

3. Flies Have Gotten Into Our Mouth- 10:11-15

a. We spit out flies without thinking

b. They don’t know how to focus on their work

4. Fly Traps & Freedom - 10:16-19

a. Keep your priorities straight

b. Be disciplined in all affairs

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