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Matthew 16:1-5 3 you can’t read the obvious signs of the times!” “Why can’t you read the signs of the times?”

It has been reported that in Briton every week there are 53,000 people who leave churches never to return again. Do you think there is something that the churches are missing? The people of Jesus’ time he said could not read the sign of the times. Could He have meant that in our day we need to see what is needed to help people come to Christ? How long has it been since you have seen someone confess to a belief in Jesus Christ? There are far too many people who are coming to churches today wanting, “What will I get out of this service?” Those who are the people of God should be saying and thinking, “What can I give to God and to others that will make a difference.”

I want us to hear some reasons from a survey that answer the question, “Why don’t you attend church?” I hope then as we listen we will become aware of how we can make this church one that people will want to come to.

#1 Reason, “THERE IS NO VALUE IN ATTENDING. These people feel that they cannot connect with God in the church building as well as on a golf course. They say that church does not do anything for them and t hey would not get anything out of the church so why should they attend. They would agree that they are interested in spiritual things but that they would not find anything in church to help them spiritually. Now I ask you “what is the value you find in coming to this church.” What makes you want to come? I also would question anyone placing a value on something that they do not even go to.

#2 Reason, “CHURCHES HAVE TOO MANY PROBLEMS.” I found it interesting to hear them say that in the church you only find people who are inflexible, stubborn, hypocritical, insincere, negative, judgmental and just plain mean. I would say they have not been to the Harlowton Wesleyan Church. They would also report in the church there is more division and friction than they would find in other groups. One man even said this, “I have enough problems of my own. Why should I go to church to find more?” Remember these are people who say they do not attend church.

#3 reason, “I DO NOT HAVE THE TIME.” They claim that they do not have time to attend. I wonder if they waste an hour a week in things have no meaning. I find as you have found people find the time for the things that matter to them. We have come to a time in our history that there are many who only have Sunday morning only church because people will not or do not come to the other services that churches can offer. Back in the last century when I came into the church we had preaching services on Sunday morning, Sunday School, preaching on Sunday evening with singing and we also had Wednesday evening services. I never even gave it a thought that I should not be in every service. Now to get people out for other than Sunday morning it has to be a special service with a great speaker or well known singer. I have recently visited some big churches that are much bigger than we are and they are putting all their energies into Sunday morning. If you were to go to them you would not have the choice to worship in the church except Sunday morning. We are still open on Sunday night and Wednesday for worship. If you take the time you can come and worship here more than just Sunday morning but it is a freedom you have.

#4 Reason, “I AM SIMPLY NOT INTERESTED.” There is a report from George Barna that says that 75% of adults say it would be very desirable to have a close relationship with God. Why would I be interested if I have never attended church to find out what it is about?


It is my only day off.” “There are too many hypocrites.” “It is my favorite team’s game day.” “Church is boring.” “I have no interest.” “All they talk about is money.” “They make me feel guilty.” “I’ve had bad experiences.” Do any of these statements sound familiar to you? Maybe you have thought one of these statements yourself, or have had a family member or friend says something similar to you. Here are some reasons that answer the question, “Why I should go to church?”

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