Summary: What would Jesus say to the popular television personality Regis Philbin?


- Have you ever wondered what it would be like for Jesus to live in America in the 21st century?

- What would He wear? Would He be a golf shirt kind of a guy or a t-shirt kind of a guy?

- Would He wear Nike or Reeboks?

- Would His hair be short or would He let it grow out a bit?

- Would He eat Mexican and Seafood or would He be a meat and potatoes man?

- Would He drive a Toyota Camry or a Toyota pickup truck?

- Would He like the Reds or the Bengals?

- Would He prefer Dolby Digital or THX?

- Would He listen to B-105 or 97 Rock?

- Would He read the Post or the Enquirer?

- If Jesus were alive today what would He do, where would He go and what would He say?

- Over the next 4 Sundays, we are going to look at what Jesus might say if He lived in our culture and in our time and if He came into contact with our contemporaries.

- One of the most popular figures in our world today is a man named Regis Philbin?

- There aren’t too many people in our world who can be known by just one name, but Regis is one of them.

- This 67 year old man has been around the television industry since 1957 when he was a news anchor for a station in San Diego.

- But it wasn’t until he teamed up with Kathie Lee Gifford in 1985 that his popularity sky-rocketed.

- Within 2 years the show went into syndication. Two years after that it was the fastest growing national talk-show in the country. Soon more than 18 million people were tuning in daily to watch LIVE with Regis and Kathie Lee.

- Then ABC approached Regis with an opportunity to solo host a quiz show called “Who Wants to be a Millionaire.”

- It instantly became a blockbuster hit.

- Regis has won 10 Emmy awards.

- He was written two best-selling books.

- He has launched a new line of shirts and ties.

- He is perhaps one of the most popular and well-liked television personalities of our time.

- So if Jesus came face to face with Regis, what would He say?

- If Jesus sat in that “hot seat” directly across from Regis with the lights and the music and they engaged in small talk, what would Jesus say?

- I don’t think Jesus would talk about the University of Notre Dame or the New York Yankees or lifelines or even Kelly’s baby, but I do think that Jesus would ask this question


- “Do you trust God with all your heart?” (Proverbs 3:5)

- Now maybe that is deeper than what Regis would like to answer.

- Most of his interviews don’t go much below the surface

- But if Jesus were here, I imagine that’s what He would say to Regis Philbin.


- Not in money, not in fame, not in people, not even in yourself, but in God

- I would like to know what his answer would be to that question.

- In fact, I would like to know what your answer would be

- You see, we are living in a society that doesn’t seem to trust anybody anymore

- People are cynical and doubtful and skeptical of just about everything.

o Customers don’t trust businesses

o Employees don’t trust managers

o Citizens don’t trust governments

o Wives don’t trust husbands

- A study was done a few years back which surveyed the trust level of Americans. The results showed that the least trusted professions were telemarketers, used car salesmen and at the bottom of the barrel, politicians.

- Do you know who was at the top? Pharmacists and pastors.

- That’s great, except I know pastors who I wouldn’t trust.

- We have seen too many bogus claims and unkept promises

- We have been burnt and abused and taken advantage of

- We’ve seen too many lies, too much deception, too much hypocrisy

- How can we really trust anyone let alone God – a God who we can’t see, a God who we can’t touch?

- Maybe that would be the response of Regis – Why, why trust God?

- In order for anyone to trust God, you have got to KNOW HIM

- STORY – Last month I was having some pretty serious car problems and I needed to get it fixed. I know very little about the mechanics of a car, so I decided to take it to a professional. Now I don’t have too many car problems and I have never had to take my car to a service center in Ohio, so where do I go? I grabbed the yellow pages and I started looking. But you know there was one thing that I did look for; it was an ASE sticker; the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. I knew that if an autocare facility had that sticker then I could trust them to care for my car.

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