Summary: What Christians should do when they worry


A) The 23rd Psalm has always been my favorite Psalm ... "The Lord is my Shepherd ..."

* "He maketh ... He leadeth ... He restoreth .. He leadeth ... Yea, though I walk ..."

* "Thou preparest ... Thou anointest ... Surely goodness ..."

B) I believe the greatest need of this hour is an awakening of God’s people!

* In these changing days we must remember that God doesn’t change!

* Today, there is victory for those who have failed, there is joy for those who have no joy,

* And hope that has been lost can be restored!

* The key word is "faith," and if we have faith, we don’t worry, if we worry, we don’t have faith!

C) The first desire of the devil is to damn every soul he can for eternity!

* But when a person is saved, the devil don’t give up!

* He immediately sets out to rob that believer of his spiritual birthright,

* The birthright of life abundant and peace!

D) If Satan can’t damn us, he attempts the next best thing, for him that is,

* He tries to make us worry, doubt, fret and fear when we should be trusting!

* Worry is formed or broken like any other habit!

* We must realize that worry is our enemy! * The word means "to choke or strangle!"

E) It is one of the biggest problems facing God’s people today!

* Why should we worry? * Listen to what one of the great prophets said ... Isa.26:3-4 ...

* "Thou wilt keep him in perfect ... because he trusteth ... Trust ye in the Lord forever: for in

the Lord JEHOVAH is everlasting strength."

* The word "worry" is not found in the scripture! * However, the Bible word for worry is usually

translated "care" or "anxiety."

F) Worry usually falls into three percentage categories!

* 40% ...past, 50% ... future and only 10% about present matters!

* To break the habit of worrying about past mistakes, practice the art of forgetting!

* Every morning and evening, repeat Phil.3:13-14 "Brethren, I count not myself ......."

G) "Apprehended" - to take eagerly, to seize, to possess!

* This statement points back to the statement in v.12 that Paul did not consider himself as

already perfect! * "But this one thing I do." * The emphasis here is "one thing."

* There was one aim and purpose in Paul’s life ... to love the Lord Jesus supremely!

* Paul had no desire for earthly riches, because he had the unsearchable riches of God’s grace!

* He had no desire to wear a crown of fame & honor ’cause a crown of glory awaited him in

the world to come! * His one aim was to love the Lord Jesus above all else!

H) "Forgetting those things which are behind!" * Paul didn’t have time to look back!

* Why? Because v.14 he had his eyes on the finish line ... "I press toward the mark for ......."

* Forget the past, worrying about it wont change it!

* Let me give you some things that you need to do if you worry!

(1) LISTEN TO JESUS! * Go back to our text!

* In v.31, Jesus spoke plainly of worry! * "Therefore take no thought, saying, What ......."

* In v.33, He tells how to overcome worry! * "But seek ye first the kingdom of ......."

* In v.34, Jesus made it clear that worry focuses on tomorrow! "Take therefore no ......."

A) That is what’s wrong with worry ... it is the wrong focus on life!

* Here is what Jesus is trying to teach here: That it is wrong to let tomorrow’s possible

problems tear you apart today! (Today is that tomorrow you worried about yesterday)

* Bible scholars agree that Matt.6:25-34 is one of the most beautiful passages in all the Word of ...!

B) Jesus was speaking to the heart of His followers! * Jesus said in Mk.11:22 "Have faith ..."

* Remember this, God cannot and will not break His promise!

* It is a sin to worry because it displays a lack of faith!

* Besides, v.32 says that God knows that you have need of things in this life!

* What things? * The necessities of life! * What to do about worry ... Listen to Jesus!

(2) RECOGNIZE TOMORROW FOR WHAT IT IS! * In this passage, Christ contrasts two days.

A) He says first, don’t worry about tomorrow because it will take care of itself ... v.34

* Then He emphasizes what so often has been missed ... "Sufficient unto the day is the evil ..."

* "Evil" is translated trouble or problems! * Read it again with those words, "Sufficient ......."

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