Summary: Things we can learn from DAvid about giving our life for the cause of Christ.

Today, many people are busy living there lives and are completely leaving out Christ. I am not talking about the unsaved, but rather the saved! There are many causes that we are concerned with; however, we have forgot the most important cause we could give our lives to---the cause of Christ. Let’s look at the life of David and see what he gave his life to!

I. David walked with God but Israel only sought God in times of trouble (vs34-36)

A. By waiting on God (16:13

David was the anointed king of Israel. He was waiting

for God’s timing to take over.

B. By worshipping God ( 16:17-23)

C. By winning battles (vs 35-36)

II. David had courage in battle but Israel wer cowards in battle (vs 36-37)

A. Past experience

B. Present faith

III. David used God’s weapon’s but Israel used man’s weapons (38-40)

A. He knew his weapons

B. He used his weapons

IV. David saw an opportunity but everyone else saw an impossibilty (vs 42-52)

When david was victourious in the cause of Christ, others joined him! Will you step up for the cause of Christ or wait for someone else to?

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