6-Week Series: Against All Odds


Summary: It does not matter what is the nature or magnitude of your problem in life; whatever it takes for Jesus to solve it, He is up to it.

There are different types of problems and issues in life - with varied magnitudes - all of them in need of solutions. I am happy to announce to you that Jesus is the solution to your problems, regardless of nature or magnitude. That's why I say, 'whatever it takes, Jesus is up to it.'

For the disciples in Mark 4:35-41, their problem was a physical, strong wind blowing against their boat, preventing them from getting to their destination. Glory be to God for the presence of Jesus with them; He helped rebuke the wind and restored their peace.

For the man on the other side of the sea (in Mark 5), his problem was spiritual demonic bondage. He lived in the tombs, always crying and cutting himself with stones. If you think you have problem in life, think of this man who had thousands of spirits living in and troubling him.

You and I, though we have issues that we are dealing with, we can still put on clothes, go to work and live in houses. For the man of Gadarene, he lived a dangerous and untamed life (Mark 5:1-5). People were scared of and running away from him, but you live among people, able to put on your powder and cloth yourself well. You see, you and I need to praise God for our own level if problem. Somebody has it rougher than we do.

Hallelujah, there is good news even for this man who had more than one problem. Jesus is the solution for his life. His problems required that Jesus would pass bye or come to him at his location. Praise God, Jesus arrived at his place and restored him (Mark 5: 6-13). Whatever combination of problem you are facing, Jesus will solve them today.

For Jairus, his problem was having a daughter who was sick to the point of death. Jesus healed the girl. The problem required that Jesus would go with him to his house to raise the daughter. (Mark 5:21-24).Whatever it takes for Jesus to heal you, he will do today in Jesus name. Do you have a sickness or know Someone who is at the point of death, let's lift faith up in Jesus. He will heal you.

There is another type of problem that required touching Jesus. For the woman with the issue of blood, it was a problem that made her physically tired because of continuous loss of blood. It was a medical condition that medical insurance did not cover (vs. 26). It was a condition that drained her finances. It was a condition that lasted 12 years. Oh my God, this woman needed Jesus (Mark 5:25-34).

Dealing with a problem that the woman could no longer bear, she broke protocol and maneuvered her way through the crowd to touch Jesus. She needed the "who touched me?" kind of miracle (vs. 30).

Are you ready to go out of your way to touch Jesus today? If that's what your problem requires, go ahead and touch Him. He will pay attention to you.

Jesus is the solution to your kind of problem, regardless of its nature and magnitude. You must reach out and touch Him today. How long has your problem lasted and what's its nature? Jesus is here today to remove the problem. Whatever it takes, Jesus is up to it.

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