Summary: Christianity is not about us, it’s about the Lord

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First Baptist Church

Ardmore, Oklahoma

Preached, Sunday March 30, 2003

Rev. Wayne A. Lawson

Senior Pastor


ST. MATTHEW 19:27 - then answered Peter and said unto him, Behold,

we have forsaken all, and followed thee; what shall we have



This thought has Penetrated the minds of many believers as well as

unbelievers. There are some that are here this morning that are

asking this very question, perhaps you are on the Brink of decision

making -- making a commitment to Christ but the question that Peter

posed some time ago has entered your mind, perhaps like King

Agrippa, after Gospel was presented to him – You are almost

persuaded, but you are still wondering this morning before you make

the most important decision of your life What’s in it for me?

Let’s set the scenario this morning in an effort to help understand

this question that Peter asked, let’s take the time to place it in

its Proper Context. It is important to understand event that led to

this question. Mark tells us in his account that a Rich Young Ruler

came running to Jesus, this young man was feeling pretty good about

himself. He approached Jesus with an expectation that Jesus would

Commend him, for his Behavior and Adherence to the Law.

- "Good Master What Good Thing Shall I Do, That I May Have Eternal


- Don’t Murder - Don’t Commit Adultery - Don’t Steal - Don’t

Bear False Witness – Honor Parents – Love your Neighbor as Thyself.

- Lord I have done all these things since I was a little boy

- Just like he Ran to speak with Jesus - at this point He should

have Run Away – Run back home or wherever he came from - while

the "getting was good"

- He received the response he was looking for but did not have sense

enough than to leave at this point

- Felt pretty proud of himself and asked a second question - "Do I

Lack In Any Area?"

Let me tell you my brothers and my sisters, it is a sad thing to

think that we have "arrived." It is a dangerous space to be when we

become "self-righteous" – think that we do everything right in the

eyes of God and in the eyes of man. Jesus responds to this second

question and tells this rich young man that he should "sell that he

has and help the poor and he will have treasures in heaven." And

then Jesus adds, or actually extends an invitation to come and

follow Him. You know what happened you have read or heard this text

before. This is a lively and active passage of scripture, we are

told that Jesus loved this young man, but was disappointed that this

rich young ruler loved his money - his position more then he was

willing to love Jesus. After seeing as well as hearing the

conversation between Jesus and the rich young ruler, who refused to

give up all and follow Christ, apparently the disciples had a

discussion among themselves in reference to rewards and prominence

in the Kingdom of Heaven. Remember with me that it was the

disciples that heard basically the same invitation as this young man

but disciples elected to respond differently. It was the disciples

that left all to follow Jesus and become fishers of men. In the

discussion that grew out of their Reaction to Jesus’ dialogue with

the rich young ruler we are now presented with Peter’s question.

Although it was Peter that asked the question, he was clearly

speaking for the Rest of the Disciples. We understand this fact by

close examination of the Lord’s answer. Look at the beginning of

Vs. 28 "AND JESUS SAID UNTO THEM…" Since Jesus took the time to

address all 12 and not just Peter who once again elected to take the

lead, it is apparent to us that the 12 had been in discussion or

even debate and following the dialogue between them - the question

is now delivered – What’s in it for me?

At first glance we would think that this was a foolish Question, it

seems as though Peter’s Statement and Question are very self-

promoting. The question, however, is more his seeking reassurance

that they have indeed tried to follow him, that they have made the

right choice. They had, in fact, left everything to follow Jesus.

While they had not always understood nor had they always selected

the proper course, they had still sacrificed everything to follow

Him. Wonder have we sacrificed all - have we Counted the Cost -

Willing to Follow God and not attempt to lead Him? We should not be

to quick to discount the great sacrifice the 12 had already made for

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