Summary: People can be heartbreakers, coldhearted, stonehearted, give you heartburn, be halfhearted, and even greenhearted, but we need sweethearted and kindhearted individuals in our life at all times.

Some might say, living a Christian life sounds hard. They believe that they couldn’t possibly make it as a Christian. Well, it is hard sometimes. I can’t say that it’s all Halle Lujah and Amen being a Christian. It’s hard work; it’s a struggle, and at times, it just breaks your heart.

Let me explain myself.

When you look outside these doors and see so many people that don’t see God’s light or know his love, it makes you wonder why they choose to be blind to his love, wisdom, and grace. It hurts. It breaks you down and maybe discourages you.

But what the world fails to accept is the value of the Christian life. It’s absolutely wonderful to finally believe that it was God that woke us up this morning! It’s positively a treasure to feel love inside of your heart each day! God blesses us in so many ways, I don’t think we even realize just how much. AMEN

Now, Christians should know that if they live faithful lives to God and His word, they’ll all someday see heaven and eternity first hand. But sometimes we doubt. AMEN

Because we are human, we wonder if our Christian efforts are making a difference. It’s so easy to grow discouraged, thinking that our acts of kindness are brushed aside, for things seemingly more exciting. So we pray. We pray every day that the world will have a change of heart.

ROMANS 12:9-12 states “Let love be without dissimulation. Abhor that which is evil; cleave to that which is good. Be kindly affectioned one to another with brotherly love; in honour preferring one another; Not slothful in business; fervent in spirit; serving the Lord; Rejoicing in hope; patient in tribulation; continuing instant in prayer;

My message to day is ………What’s In Your Heart?

Let’s go back for a moment. At some point in our lives we came across people that cared about all the people. I think most of us are familiar with these spiritual beings. AMEN

They were not perfect, but they cared. They cared in the mist of blockage. I would like to say; “they never gave up, they never surrendered”. Their greatest mission was to serve the people.

Now, they couldn’t do it alone, they needed help. Just as Jesus needed disciples, and teachers, and preachers, and those that would help reveal his prophecy, they needed help from a body of leaders whose mission was not to be selfish or self-centered or indifferent. Their job was to serve humanity.

Imagine trying to lift something very large and heavy with four sides and the persons on three sides of the object wouldn’t help, or at the heart of the matter, wants to see you fail! Imagine that!

• How heartbroken would you be?

• How angry would you get?

• Would you even try to continue in spite of discord?

• Would you climb that hill and carry that load?

• Would you?

• Could you?

Brothers and sisters, I ask you today, What’s In Your Heart?

Just as Jesus did, you may have to carry a heavy load up that hill. It won’t be easy, and some have failed, and others will fail.

What we have to realize is that:

• Sometimes it just takes longer for things to come full circle.

• Sometimes we have to hit a wall in order to understand.

• Sometimes we have to go through bad things to appreciate good things. AMEN

But guess what brothers and sisters, if all people would band together and demonstrate love for one another, the world would be a better place. And if there was ever one group of people that should be able to love one another, it should be the Church! AMEN.

Brother and sisters:

• If we intend to be trouble makers,

• If we set back and be onlookers,

• If we rejoice in being gossipers,

• If we base our life on grabbing power,

• If we continue to be afraid to move,

• If we keep on following that sinful crowd,

Then our heart is not sincerely a loving heart, and we’ll continue to be stuck in sin. AMEN

On the other hand, if we are Christians, we shouldn’t ignore the hearts that look to us for knowledge and guidance. God knows what each child is capable of accomplishing. He knows what we all can do. We can’t give up. We must keep striving. We have to keep our heart devoted to the mission of love.

Brother and sisters, growing up, most of us can probably remember our parents saying “when you get there, always reach down to help another”. AMEN Even if your parents didn’t tell you, you may have heard those words from someone else that cared.

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