Summary: This sermon deals with the heart of what causes people not to accept christ.

What’s In Your Way?

Matthew 19: 16-22

As we look at the confines of this Context we find that this young man had a Inquiry. He was searching for an answer that only Jesus had the answer to.By him being rich he could have paid for the information, but this information was not for sell with material possessions. Everdently this young man was tierd of woundering around asking others and finding no true answer. There are a lot of people today in a state of searching not willing to accept the simple truth that if you confess with your mouth and believe in your heart that Jesus christ rose from the dead that thou shall be saved.The best part is that he had enough sense enough to ask Jesus.As we take a look at the text there are three thing we find.

I. The Master’s Investigation - V17a

1. Jesus needed to make sure the young man knew about the personhood of him.

a. the two natures of Christ[Human & Divine}

b. you can not hold him in high esteem and denounce him as lord.

2. Jesus needed to make sure his need for salvation was not based on a feeling of emptyness nor loneliness.

a. a mere desire to get relief of troubled feeling is not what excepting Christ is all about.

b. people look for sprituals norcotics to escape lifes troubles.

II. The Master’s Instructions

1. Liquidate: [sell]

a. Relenquish[some things are not worth keeping]

b. Recycle[give to others that they may have]

2. Leave[move away fromthe old nature]

a. reward

b. relationship

III. The Man’s Insecurity

1. Misery

a.of Mind

b.of Memory

2. Money

a. Prestige

b. Possessions

Conclusion: Never allow things nor others get in the way of allowing Christ to lead you.

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