Summary: What’s the big deal about adultery? Well to God it is a very big deal. Let us look at these things in light of God’s word.

Adultery—(moichao, moy-khah’-o) is sexual unfaithfulness by a married person, but it is much more.

Man’s idea of adultery is shattered by Christ (Matthew 19:9). Christ says adultery is not only the actual act, but adultery is committed by any one of five acts:

A deliberate look.

Passion within the heart: desiring and lusting.

The actual act of sex with someone other than one’s own spouse.

Divorce relationships (Matthew 5:32; Matthew 19:9-11; Mark 10:11-12; Luke 16:18).

Spiritual unfaithfulness toward God or apostasy from God (Matthew 12:39; Matthew 16:4; Mark 8:38; James 4:4; cp. Ezekiel 16:15f; Ezekiel 23:43f).

Simply stated, Christ says there is eye adultery, heart adultery (lust), and body adultery. This is a shattering revelation that strikes at the experience of every young person and adult. There is no question: many dream and imagine, and if they had the opportunity they would commit the act. All they lack is the chance and a boost to their courage to sin. (James 1:14-15.) The eyes can lead to lust by looking upon persons or pictures or stimulating objects. The eyes can be used sinfully in several ways.

To look and search for another person in order to lust.

To let another person know that one is available.

To attract, suggest, and entice.

To gratify lust where an experience is not possible.

Think about these points.

1.Suggestive communication. This can arise from (a) unclean talk such as jokes, foul words, and suggestive statements made in passing; (b) luring talk that arises when sharing with the opposite sex. This can lead us to let down our guard or to play loose with conviction and mortal commitment. Such sharing often dallies with enticing phrases and suggestive propositions that arouse pleasure. Suggestive conversation can occur anywhere: at work, at school, at parties, over the phone, or just standing around talking.

2.Dress. This arises from exposing parts of the body or from following the latest fad in dress that might be designed to display or attract.

There is real danger in using one’s eyes sinfully. Peter warns that a person can lose control: “Having eyes full of adultery...that cannot cease from sin” (2 Peter 2:14). A person can actually become enslaved and bound by sex.

The seriousness of adultery is seen by the drastic action suggested by Christ in Matthew 5:29-30.

Adultery is a work of the flesh that will not inherit the Kingdom of God (Gal 5:19-21).

It is a serious sin, very serious.

There is the possibility of the whole body being cast into hell (Matthew 5:29-30).

We can conquer the eyes and lust and can keep from committing adultery by doing a few simple things.

In relation to others...

a.Stay away from places that lend themselves to suggestive lust.

b.Stay away from persons who might be suggestive and enticing—no matter how enjoyable and pleasing.

c.Refuse invitations to functions or socials that might lead to suggestive conversation or enticement.

In relation to self:

a.Dress decently: dress to please the Lord (1 Tim. 2:9).

b.Behave at all times as a genuine Christian believer.

c.Build a testimony by conversation and behavior as a Christian believer.

In relation to the eyes and mind.

a.Make a covenant not to look at or think about immoral persons, places, or things; and don’t. Job said of himself: “I made a covenant with mine eyes; why then should I think upon a maiden” (Job 31:1).

b.Keep the eyes and mind upon things that are true, honest, just, pure, lovely, and of good report (Phil. 4:8). Start immediately: begin to think upon the positive and the moral day by day. Keep the mind upon the positive for the rest of your life.

c.Learn to take captive every thought (2 Cor. 10:3-5).

d.Resist the first thought—turn the mind and body immediately to other matters. Get busy at something else without hesitating, and stay there—stay busy.

In the presence of others.

a.Guard one’s self at all times.

b.Flee when suggestive statements are made: excuse yourself…Get away immediately, not allowing the pleasing words to stimulate and gratify your flesh.

Our flesh revels in expressions of pleasure and appreciation over the way one looks, dresses, works, serves, performs, etc. A person must simply appreciate such and then move on—immediately.

Lingering to enjoy and revel in appreciative remarks will lead to attraction. Everyone is human.

“For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, blasphemies” (Matthew 15:19).

“And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually” (Genesis 6:5).

“The thoughts of the wicked are an abomination to the LORD: but the words of the pure are pleasant words” (Proverbs 15:26).

It’s our eye and our hands that become the culprits in adultery.

Probably because a man is moved primarily by thoughts that arise from sight, and a woman is moved primarily by touch. It is the eye and hand that are the culprits in adultery.

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