Summary: Explains why Easter changes everything

-------Easter changes everything

Black Friday to Good Friday

ordinary grave to the empty tomb

weeping women-to the first messengers of the goodnews

peter-to the man who preached at Pentecost

Doubting Thomas-my lord and my god

Sabbath-to Lords day

fearful disciples to 11 men who changed the world

religion into a relationship

-----Easter changes the way we look at death

(1Cor. 15:19)

death where is thy sting. grave where is they victory

Christian funerals are celerations of hope

-----Easter changes the way we look at life

(1Cor. 15:32)

Life makes no sense if this is all there is

suffering makes no sense outside the resurrection

The injustices of this world are meanignless outside fo the resurrection

If this is all there is, lets just eat, drink and be merry

2 Cor. 4:16-5:1--this life is temporal--sufferings are not to be compared...

Your good illustrations will make this sermon.

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