3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: This message is on restoration. Job's wife is left alone as the bad person. She was hurting and Job did not have sympathy for her problem " You have spoken like a foolish woman" At the end the three names of Job's daughters show God's restoration.

There is something called Survivor's Syndrome. It is when tragedy comes to many and one person seemed to escape harm. These people feel guilt, depression and their mind continually takes them back to the tragedy. On one hand nothing happened to them; but on the other hand everything seemed to happen to them. Their surroundings and those close to them have perished. Bad things happen, but it is God who will bring us out and restore our life.

Job's wife had experienced traumatic events

1. All her property and possessions vanished in an instant

2. Her children all died on the same day

3. Her husband is plagued with an illness from head to toe

4. She is the sole survivor. Nothing has happed to her

She questions Job; do you still hold onto your integrity?

1. Can't you see what has happened to all our possessions?

2. Do you not grieve the loss of our children?

3. Look in the mirror; your body is full of boils

4. Job, what is the point?

She tells Job; curse God and die

1. Our faith has brought us calamity

2. It isn't worth it. Give up

3. There is nothing to hope for any more

Job tells her with great conviction: You have spoken like a foolish woman

1. Her husband was the righteous one, and she was the sinner; because she was hurting

2. One of the hardest things about suffering loss is having no support. No one to cry with

3. The sole survivor suffers alone with no one to understand

The suffering and tragedies has hardened the heart of Job's wife

1. Her love and care for her family has made the separation unbearable

2. It is now better not to feel and be open; because it is too painful

3. Job's wife has been judged for her harness of heart; but have we examined the anguish that has come into her life?

Job's wife has gotten bitter, resentful and angry

1. Bitter toward God for allowing such things to happen

2. Bitter toward her husband for calling her foolish instead of sympathizing with her

3. Bitter that Job would still remain faithful after all this

Job's wife felt alone

1. God had abandoned her

2. Her husband had abandoned her

3. There was no comfort or sense of well being. There was no protection from harm

Feelings of pain, loss and abandonment are real

1. Hearts get hardened

2. Traumatic events bring bitterness and resentment

3. Being misunderstood brings loneliness and often withdrawal from others

To get out of the survivor syndrome we need to begin a transition

1. Accepting that there must be a Master plan

2. Somehow this place I am in will begin to move me to a better place

3. Though I don't understand, yet I will trust

We make a decision to let go and let God

1. Let go of the resentment and anger

2. Stop blaming God and others for my pain

3. Let go of personal guilt of I should have, I could have. Let it go

Decide to believe

1. Tomorrow will be better

2. God has not abandoned me

3. God will bring restoration

Go from transition to transformation

1. Forgiveness

2. Daring to open your heart again

3. Allowing for healing

After Job is restored and blessed he has seven sons and three daughters. The name of the three daughters reveals the transformation God has brought about to the family.

The first daughter was Jemimah which means dove

1. A dove is something peaceful and soft

2. There has been a transformation of a hard heart to one soft and tender

3. From hardness to feeling love. The Lord mends the broken hearted

The second daughter was Keziah which means cinnamon tree

1. A cinnamon tree is something sweet and tasty. It's very fragrance is pleasant

2. We see the transformation from bitter and resentful to sweet and pleasant

3. God changes us to make us welcoming to others. They get close and the sweetness of the Holy Spirit is contagious

The third daughter was Karen-Happuch which means cosmetic box

1. The cosmetic box is something to beautify. To make a woman look and feel special

2. We see the transformation from feeling alone and abandoned to knowing we are special before God

3. We have been prepared for every good work

Pain is real, hurt is real. Feelings of abandonment and even resentment are things we experience in our life. But God is our healer and He will take us from one extreme to the other. It is the plan of God to make us well once again.

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