Summary: What is it about Jesus that people keep a distance from Him, are estranged from Him, are at odds with Him?

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So what's wrong with Jesus? I mean, I've often wondered, is there a specific issue? Is there a real problem? Is there a major obstacle? It seems to me that so many keep a distance from Him, are estranged to Him, are at odds with Him, Jesus.

It's not the same way with God. What's that? It appears that He, God, has more respect, easier access, and greater acceptance. I mean, most of us know we can talk about God, but if you talk about Jesus, something happens, and that thing that happens? It's as if in the world right now, so many want to censor, they want to guard, they want to protect, the world, from, “Jesus.” Jesus?

Even for a few, if I say “Jesus Christ,” your world has so been tainted that for some, that's a curse word? I was so disappointed. I'm looking up a movie for my son, just checking one of those “Plugged-In, Screen-It”… What kind of language? Is there a lot of violence? There are three “D” words in this review. There are three “S” words in this review and oh, don't forget, in this movie, they’ll use four “J.C.'s.” My Savior's name, right alongside other cusswords--cussword?

What is it about Jesus? What would make the folks at “American Idol,” year 2008; invite all the singers to close the show with the song, “Shout to the Lord?” Now, there’s a risk. The American Idol singers, Season 8, “Shout to the Lord?” Oh, oh, oh, oh, they’re going to take a chance; it's a Christian song, but let's not take that big a chance. “Let's do this,” the producers decide, “that lyric that goes, ‘My Jesus, my Savior,’ can’t do that. Let’s instead have them sing, ‘my Shepherd, my Savior.’” Why? “Well, I mean, we don’t mind them singing a Christian song, but it’s that name, it’s that word, it’s that, you know… I--I don’t know that we want to say ‘Jesus.’ Do we?”

We have to guard people, shelter people, protect people from…? Well, it goes a little further and you know this happens all the time. “Praying in Jesus’ name controversy reaches General Assembly in North Carolina.” Now it happens in cities, it happens in counties all the time but the whole idea behind a Christian pastor saying, “Hey, can I pray in the name of Jesus?” Now the rub to me is, if he is an imam, if he’s someone who has a clerical collar from the Muslimic—from the Islamic tradition, I think he's allowed to say Allah, but am I allowed to say, Jesus? Well in this case you can't.

Here's another one. “Christians arrested for giving out the Gospel in Detroit Michigan.” What? At a Muslim festival, a handful of guys decide, “Hey, we want to outreach to Muslims.” No, they’re actually arrested for it. Move a little further. Police shut down a scary Easter crucifixion? “A re-enactment on a stage outside an Australian shopping center has been shut down after police said it caused public distress.” What was the public distress? Well it’s a festival, a Christian festival, but when it came to hanging a half-naked, bloody man on a cross? “Shut it down, we—we don't want to see that!”

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