Summary: Jesus is calling you. Are you willing to give your need to Him

A few short verses in Luke gives us a quick glance at another life changing transformation. To us, its an encouraging story. To the Blind man, it was everything. We don't even know his name. I am thankful that in our church, we have some similar miracles. To the world around us, it doesn't mean much. But to you that have been radically transformed, it's everything. I have always enjoyed the song, "He don't mean much to this old world, but He means the world to me."

1) Whats going on ?

The introduction of the presence of Jesus was not first felt by an emotion to this man. He heard no "angelic voice", he didn't have any dreams, he wasn't inspired by any holiday. He simply heard him passing by and was curious. It's wonderful to watch individuals, as God transforms their lives. To see old sinful habits drop off, the places of sin stop being visited, the filthy cursings stop, to see modesty in clothing, to see a new creation. Where old things have passed away, and all things become new. Then to hear people ask, what happened to so and so ? Did you see so and so ? And sometimes out of conviction or even curiosity, they enquire. I love when people ask, "Whats it mean to be saved?" I believe that Gods transforming grace will change an individual so much, that they wont be able to hide what God has done for them. Neither will they want to. Some of the old time revivals, people would simply go just to see what all the talk was about. As they did, the Holy Ghost would began to talk to their hearts.

2) Quiet down

In verses 38 and 39, we see a desperate cry. A reaching out. A little awkward even. It made people uncomfortable. They didn't like it. Its sad, that in today's society, we can shout, yell and act silly for sports teams, parties, and worldly amusements and its completely in order. But to do the same for Jesus, its awkward. Unacceptable. Rebuked. Mocked. Never-the-less, this individual as well as many others, finally got past what other people thought or said, and realized that it was Jesus that he needed.

3) Jesus called

In verse 40, the scripture says, "Jesus stood". He had to stop. Im so glad, that Jesus stopped for me. He reached down, and pulled me from my sin. Saved me. Changed me. Thats what Jesus does. Hes not to busy for anyone. Then in that same verse, Jesus calls for the blind man. The scripture says he was brought. I want to be the person, that helps people come to Jesus. No everyone is able to find their way by themselves. They hear Jesus call, they know what direction He is, but they need help. They need help from those of us that are part of the body of Christ. Are you willing to help ? When's the last time you invited someone to church ? Shared your testimony? Ask to pray for someone ? Witnessed to your co worker? Jesus is calling, do your best to let God use you !

4) What do you need ?

The need of the blind man was obvious. It was not a secret. Its amazing that people think their spiritual needs are hidden. Most of the time, not always, but over time, your need becomes obvious. As a Pastor, I can see it on your face. I see it in the lack of your testimony. I notice you're laziness in worship service. Yet, you continue as everything is fine. Jesus is stopping. Will you call for Him?

When Jesus asked what he needed, it was not because Jesus didn't know. There is something to admitting our need. Humbling ourselves to God and realizing we need Him. To admit we are not infallible, but rather fragile. God wants to hear our need. He implores us to ask ! But its not enough to just ask.

5) I know Jesus can

The blind man had to ask. Jesus answered. But listen to what Jesus said. He didn't say, "because you asked" ... He didn't say "because you have a bigger need than the other guy" He didn't say, "because its a good day to grant a request." He said "thy faith..."

When we come to Jesus, its important that we understand who He really is. Hes Alpha and Omega. The creator of the universe. The saviour of the world. The king of kings, and the Lord of Lords. If we ask, we need to believe. God is able, willing and ready.

6) Follow Him

Verse 43 shows us the divine order of a changed life. 1...The need is met. 2. He followed Jesus 3) He glorified God. Within that, we see the divine results. People saw, and praised God. Our needs aren't always met just for the betterment of our lives. His plan goes beyond that. Our needs are met for Gods glory. Praise God for His changing power.

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