3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: A sermon warning against false worship, and the problems with disobeying God.

When A Good Man Does A Bad Thing or Golden Calf Religion

Exodus 32

Aaron, I believe, was a good man. If not, I do not think that God would have chosen him to head the priesthood for the nation of Israel. He was mightily used of God to help Moses as he led the people. I’m sure there were times that Moses needed encouragement from his brother. Aaron served God, Moses, and the people. His was an awesome task and responsibility.

But here in our text we find him involved in a great sin against God, himself, and the people. While Moses was busy getting God’s message for the people, Aaron and the people were reverting back to rebellion.

I. He Chose the Will of the People over the Will of God

A. What is right and what is popular are not always the right thing – usually not – look at the political mess we have had

1. Teens – the people you go to school with 95% will have no bearing on your life after high school


II. He Crafted a Plan of Compromise instead of a Stand of Commitment

A. He Established Golden Calf Religion

1. This was not the first Man- Made Religion in the Bible – there are many that can be found there

a. B.Y.O.S. Religion (Bring Your Own Sacrifice) – Cains

b. Going to the Highest Bidder Religion – Baalam

c. Pie in the Sky Religion – the Tower of Babel crowd

d. Fin Feather and Fowl Religion – Esau, Peter

B. What are some of the Distinguishing Characteristics of Golden Calf Religion?

1. It is built upon Fear instead of Faith

2. It Perpetuates Lies and Superstitions

3. Its major tenets are Compromise and Unbelief

a. Illustration of the Accountant

III. He Continued the Blame Game rather than Confess His Sin – v. 21-25

A. “The people – they are set on mischief” – v. 22

B. “They said – let us make gods” – v. 23

C. I didn’t do anything – I just cast the gold in the fire and out came this calf! -–v. 24 (What the father said about his son who went to college!)

D. The bottom line is – he didn’t object to their words or their way

IV. He Caused Others to Sin and Others to Die – 26-28; v. 35

A. Families Suffered

B. Friends Suffered

C. Innocent and Guilty Alike

How do we regain the Lord’s favor upon us?

Three things:

1. Contrition

2. Confession

3. Consecration

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