Summary: how husbands should treat their wives

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When A Man Loves A Woman

Ephesians 6:21-33

For all our married women, or those who might be getting married in the future, here is a short sermon on how a man should love a woman. Pay attention, husbands, those men engaged to be married, all our young men in the church.

· Verse 21—submit one to another in the fear of God. In most of our marital counseling we find an unwillingness of mutual submission that leads to problems in the marriage. There is a submitting, I don’t always get my way. I need to respect my wife as an equal to me.

· V.25- Husbands love your wives—now that seems to be something that doesn’t need to be said, but this means, really love her, cherish her, give yourself fully to her.

· V 25b—as Christ loved the church and gave himself for it. This is a great love, a willingness to give. Give the effort that it takes to have a good marriage.

· V.28—love your wives as much as you love yourself. Don’t be selfish, don’t always look for what you can get out of the relationship. Put as much into loving her as you want her to invest in loving you.

· V28b—if you love your wife, you do yourself good. If you want things to go better for you, love your wife, take time to invest in your relationship.

· V.29—nourish and cherish—cherish the love, don’t take your wife for granted, not overlook all the special things she does in your life. Treat her with respect, honor her as a wife, a mother, a companion and a friend.

· V 31—make her number one over everyone else, even your family. Don’t let outside interference ruin your relationship. Put up boundaries in your life and guard your heart and affections.

· 31b—become one—don’t think of yourselves as two separate parts working independent of each other. See yourself as one, working together to reach shared goals and dreams.

Close: March 1st will be our 20th anniversary. I know that anything I have ever accomplished in these 20 years has been because Lauri is one with me in the call to ministry. I know we are one in heart and spirit, and my love for her grows stronger every day.

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