Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Follow the instructions and you won’t get burned.

As silly as the title may sound, what an impact it had to make on the people that day, not to mention his Achan’s family.

The first step in living a blessed life is found through following the instructions.

The world and all it has to offer you is alluring.

If you don’t have the door of disobedience closed all the way shut, there will be temptations that will lure you to do something that might not seem so bad at first, but once you give into it, it leaves you at a place you never dreamed of ending up.

For Achan, he and his whole family suffered from his mistake. Can you imagine your 2-year old standing there looking at you before she’s about to be stoned and burned and say, "dad, what have you done that we have to die this horrible death?"

The story unfolds after one of the greatest battles the Israelites won over Jericho... God gave Joshua explicit instructions for all the people to know that all the spoil of Jericho was His. Everyone knew that!

But, because the allurement of the rainment and silver and gold had on Achan, he thought he would become God for a little bit. Taking what did not belong to him, thus not only affecting him and his family but all Israel too. "But, the children of Israel committed a trespass."

What we desire we will do! "A man is tempted when he is drawn away by his own lust(desire) and enticed."

Understand that it was in Achan’s heart to lust or desire. It wasn’t that he just slipped and made a mistake. He had a covetous heart.

God said, you reap where you do not sow, you gather where you have not reaped, and for us to think we have the right to become covetous is danger. God owns it all and if He thinks we need more or less it’s His decision, not mine.

1. The lust of the eyes; it wasn’t the looking but the lusting that destroyed him. The love of the world is the root of all bitterness which of all others is most hardly rooted up.

2. The lust of the flesh; if it’s in your mind to want it... you are what you think. Proverbs 23:7 "For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he."

3. The pride of life; Now to know that you’ve done something wrong is one thing, trying to hide it is another. Pride is the control in a humans mind to remain inconspicuos, wear a mask, live with a facade of character and go to hell living this way. Powerful, but true!

A man doesn’t want his sin to be exposed, so he refuses to answer up and repent to change the situation.

God and Joshua are allowing Achan plenty time to ’fess up, but, instead Achan continues to hide. Until, he can’t do anything but to confess when all lots fall on him. Take heed lest ye fall.

Although it was a single person that sinned, the children of Israel are said to have trespassed, because one of their body did it, and he was not as yet seperated from them, nor disowned by them. They did it, that is, by what Achan did guilt was brought upon the whole society of which he was a member.


This should be a warning to us to take heed of sin ourselves, lest by it many be defiled or disquieted.

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