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Summary: This sermon brings to light that no matter how terrible life may seem, God can break in and make a difference.

Many times we get so focused on the problem that we overlook the fact that the answer has been right in front of us the entire time.

II. God Is On The Scene

 The disciples were in the midst of a storm

 The waves are crashing all around

 The sails are torn

 The boat is battered

 Bailing ain’t working

 Chaos is creeping in

 And Jesus is sleeping through it all.

 If Jesus is sleeping in the storm, relax

 Throw out a rod and fish

 When the disciples woke him up they weren’t expecting him to calm the storm.

 They were handing him a bucket, they needed another bailer

 The solution is staring them in the face, and they want him to throw water.

 God doesn’t want to bail you out; He wants to deliver you out.

 When it seemed all hell had broken loose, Jesus broke in and broke up the storm.

III. God Will Break In

 Paul and Silas were simply preaching.

 They were not breaking any laws.

 Satan felt some shakin’ and breakin’ going on in his building program.

 He set about to silence the competition.

 For once, Satan actually told the truth.

 He’s giving free advertising for the preacher’s revival.

 As long as the girl was delivering her message, she was distracting from THE message.

 Finally Paul had enough and told the demon to depart from the girl.

 By delivering the girl they angered her employers, which gave Satan an upper hand.

 It looked like Hell was breakin’ loose.

 “And at midnight Paul and Silas prayed, and sang praises…”

 In the midst of what appeared to be a desperate situation, they allowed God to break in.

 The jailhouse rocked, prison doors broke open, shackles shook free and God broke in.


It does not matter the situation, God has the solution.

It doesn’t matter the hurt, He can heal.

It doesn’t matter the desperation He has the deliverance.

It doesn’t matter the sin, He is the SOUL-ution.

It doesn’t matter the Hell, He is the Help.

He is waiting for you to say, “YES!” and allow him to break in.

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