Summary: Our response to Wisdom will determine whether our lives are marked by a whirlwind of destruction and death or the tranquility of peace, safety and eternal life.

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Proverbs 1:20ff.

INTRODUCTION: A Storm is on the horizon - behind us & before us.

“When destruction comes like a whirlwind…” Ever witnessed a tornado or even a hurricane? Or maybe you at least see the movie with the flowing cows moo-ing as they flew to certain destruction?

Let me tell you, it is an awful and terrifying experience of a fury and power that knows no mercy - A fury and power that gives no warning, offers no second chances and is without escape!

At 8:45 AM Tuesday morning, September 11th, NYC, Washington, D.C. (and to an extent the world) was gravely impacted by a sudden, completely unexpected and indescribably terrible destruction that came “like a whirlwind.” Didn’t we? (Refer to redlined words of the track “America Under Attack: Who can protect us?”)

Fellow Americans and friends, terrorism is not the only whirlwind of destruction about which we must be extremely wary and prepared. Not in any way to diminish the horrible atrocity we are still dealing with, but it is utterly important that we recognize that there is another whirlwind of destruction on the horizon. One that makes even the unspeakable horror of September 11, 2001 seem like a stubbed toe in comparison.

Not only will this whirlwind of destruction be far more sudden, horrible, and everlasting, but it is one which we all deserve and none may escape except by one route.

Don’t take my word for it! Hear the words of the wisest man who ever lived, inspired by the source of all wisdom. . .

Proverbs 1:20-33 (NLT).

PROPOSITION: Our response to Wisdom will determine whether our lives are marked by a whirlwind of destruction and death or the tranquility of peace, safety and eternal life.


A. Wisdom is a divine attribute of God.

1. God alone knows it (Job 28:23); gives it

(Pr. 2:6) and displays its secrets (Job 11:6).

2. With it, God created all things (Pr. 3:19; Je. 10:12).

B. Wisdom is knowledge plus prudence (Pr. 1:22; Dt. 4:6-9;

Ps. 51:6).

C. Wisdom is clever and shrewd decision-making before God

(2So. 20:22; 1 Kg. 5:12; Je. 9:23-25).

D. Wisdom is to fear God (Pr. 1:29; 15:33) and to know God

(Pr. 9:10;30:3).

E. Wisdom is the mark of the righteous (Ps. 37:30; Pr. 10:31-32)

and beyond the reach of the simple , mockers , and fools

(Pr. 1:22;14:6).



A. “Simple Ones”

“pethiy” = easily misled/misinformed, believe everything, lacking good

or “common” sense.

B. “Scorners”

“luwts” = believed to come from a root word literally meaning “to make

mouths at“. As used in OT, means to mock, scorn, belittle the

words or ideas of another (in this case God)!

C. “Fools”

“keciyl”= stupid, one who delights in not understanding (the guy & gal in

school who thought it was cool to never do homework or answer

the teacher’s questions, and to fail everything), and one who enjoys


In one sense or another, this has or does apply to us all - even the most learned and seemingly wise or knowledgeable among us. The great 18th Century Revivalist & Theologian, Jonathan Edwards, put it this way:

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