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Summary: How God’s power is engaged through servanthood and lay ministry.

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Being called by God to serve in the Kingdom encompasses far more than just teaching Sunday School, singing in the choir, or being missionary. The possibilities are endless. There’s always vision, there’s always need. Some think all the ‘other areas’ are trivial. Couldn’t be further from the truth. Some think, ‘Well, I just serve cookies in the guest reception.’ Well, you know what? U don’t ‘just’ do anything! The enemy would love for you to think that what you bring to the table isn’t important. All of Hell is dead set on keeping you from the truth about how valuable and indispensable you are to Gods plan in this place. The thruth is that you have an opportunity to impact eternity in ways you hadn’t considered. So don’t fall for the lie.

There’s an interesting look at this subject in scripture. It shows just how significant it is when volunteers “get in the game” and begin to work for the greater good of the kingdom.

Acts 6:1-7 rd “So the Word of God spread.” Why? Why did the Word of God spread? Because they preached better? Because they finally sang the songs I like? Why did the word of God spread?

Because people did what they were wired up to do. Gods plan was executed because spectators became players – because people got out of stands, onto the field, found their position.

They took the abilities God gave them, and used them for eternal purposes. ‘the number of disciples increased rapidly.’ Lost people came to faith because believers stepped up and got in the game. Souls went to heaven, because believers served food! God is amazing.

Think of how we’d miss out if believers didn’t use their gifts here. What would happen if we all assumed our abilities couldn’t help the kingdom?

What if Brian & Jayme the others said, “We’re just actors. How can that possibly help the kingdom?

What if the band, the choir, and the orchestra “I just play an instrument or sing – how can that help the kingdom?

What if greeter crew just said, ‘I just like greeting people and being friendly. How can that ever help the church?

What if all the video volunteers said, ‘I work creating video stuff – how could that possibly help the kingdom.?’

What if the children’s church workers said, “I love kids – how can that possibly help the church?

What if media tech volunteers said, ‘I like sound and lights and tech stuff. How could that ever help the kingdom?’

What if all the IT volunteers said, ‘I’m good with computers. How could that ever help?’

Friends, the list goes on and on. This church only has a great vision for the future because we stand on the strong shoulders of volunteers. The church is us!

Here’s what I’ve found over the years: When people become servants and find their spiritual gifts, they’ll b led by God to a ministry in the church that they’re fired up about. And its the most fascinating thing to watch, because God uses a couple different ways to seem to lead them. Here’s how:


* He’ll make your heart beat fast about some area of ministry

There are Care Pastors here. I don’t have to fire them up to have their groups. They have a spiritual igniter inside them. The Holy Spirit has given them a love for people. I look at people in Mercy Ministry who serve the poor in our area. These servants don’t complain about their day off being spent with people whose faces they don’t know. They say, ‘We get to do this! We get to bring food and clothing and talk with people who’ve fallen on hard times. When we do this, it’s like recess. We get to do this.’ I could just go from ministry to ministry.

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