Summary: How do we hear when God calls us.

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When God Calls

Good morning everyone . Today I want to talk about when God calls on you. Question ,how do we know when God calls us? ...(ask around the room and let them reply if God has ever called them). I remember back when I was about 13-14 my mom had an 8-track tape (that’s a big thick tape kinda like a cassette tape only bigger, ancient technology ) that was called “ A phone call from God”. It was about 45-60 min long and was about this country guy who receives a phone call from God. It was very funny all the way threw . God couldn’t be heard but the guy would answer His questions and you knew what He was asking the guy. He would bring up things in his very long past like when he got into a fight with a kid when he was in the 5th grade and how it affected the kid and how he should give him a call and apologize . He convicts the guy . The guy does call the one he beat up in the 5th grade and it made a difference in his life . He goes and forth talking to God on the phone , I think he had call waiting or three way or something .Any how the guy by the end is getting back in church and asks for forgiveness . What would you do if Jesus called you to talk to him for a while ? ... ( ask the room the question and get their reaction)

Please turn into you Bibles to Genesis 3:9and read aloud (ask them about what it says and what it means} . God called for Adam . Do you think he didn’t know were Adam was ? No, God knew exactly were Adam was . He called for him to convict him. Adam was hiding because he had sinned and was ashamed . When God called for him it was to bring Adam into the presence of God . Just like when some of us were younger and we had done something we knew we weren’t to do and thought we had gotten away with it just to have a parent call on us and ask us “What happened to all the cookies ,pie,or whatever?” Just to have us confess to them we did the wrong ,only to find out they knew all along what had happened and just wanted us to be truthful and confess our sin.

Now please turn to Genesis 4:9 and someone read it aloud(discuss this one also ). Again do you think God didn’t know what had happened ? Please read on Genesis 4:10 . He knew , Cain couldn’t hide what he did just as his father Adam couldn’t hide what he had done either. God is all knowing and ever present .Now that’s kind of a frightening thought . Every thought you and I have ever had , every sin that you and I have ever done He knew about . Every thought and every sin we ever will do ,He knows about . Do we actually think we can hide it from Him ? But yet we go threw life thinking that we can . Why else do we not talk to him , do we not listen to him.

A lot of us might say “but I don’t hear God talk to me the way it says in the Bible” . Well just like a radio .Your traveling away from a city and the station your listening to starts to fade away ,to where eventually all you hear is static . The radio station it still playing the music you were listening to and other people can here it but you can’t because you have traveled so far away that you can’t pick it up and the only way your going to here the music again from that station is to turn around and head back.

Well God and sin is a lot like that . Our sins separate us from Him. The more we sin the less we will hear his voice . Until we can’t hear him at all and are so caught up with our sins that something happens like we reach a low point or something bad actually happens to us . What do we do ? We TURN AROUND and usually pray to HIM. We confess something or repent with all our heart. We sometimes cry an pray out aloud to Him. He’s there , He’s always been there. He just wanted us to confess to him and talk to him. He is the one who was convicting your spirit of the sins your doing and how far you have gone away from him. It is your spirit that made you scream out to him and repent and confess your sins.

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