Summary: A sermon on what happens when God comes to your house.

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When God comes to your house

By Dr. Fernando Cabrera

2 Kings 4

1. God moves when you make some room

a. How can we make room for God?

i. Don’t miss the visitation of God when he is passing by

1. we see the move of God at the church, but we don’t bring him home

ii. Set your house in order

1. 2 Kings 20:1

2. This woman had to make some moves

a. What do you need to move around in your family

i. Priorities

ii. Finances


2. There is a generation inside of you (turn to your neighbor and say, “I got it, did you get it”)

a. Some of you need to get pregnant with the vision

i. Turn to the person next to you and say, “You need to get pregnant”

1. The vision of making twelve disciples who will each make twelve disciples

b. Some of you feel like this woman, “wash out”, “ a has been”, prominence but no fruit.

i. You are not going to bear anything in your life unless you get pregnant with it.

1. Are you dead and barren with no vision for making disciples

3. God has a season for you (v. 16)

a. When you make room for God in your house, there is an appointed time when what was impossible for you, now becomes possible

b. God is never late when you open the gate of your home

i. That is when God’s time clock begins to click


2. Some of you God has been speaking to you about opening your home for a cell group and you are not going to get your miracle into you do so.

4. It is not over until God says is over

a. Has the devil being telling you there is no hope for your son, daughter, spouse

5. Watch out for Gehazi

a. Gehazi represents dead religion

i. Some of you know what I am talking about, you came from a dead church, with a dead pastor, preaching dead sermons to a dead congregation

1. the church of the frozen chosen, where you come out more cold than when you came in!

ii. Be careful of allowing dead religion to touch your family

1. Gehazi went through the motions, but had no unction


b. Dead religion tells you: “we tried it before but it didn’t work” (v.31), Dead religion says, “our neighborhood is dead, it will never change”, “we been here for years, you young preachers what can you do?”

i. Elisha never told him to return – Dead religion always quits too soon on souls

ii. Some of you who are listening to this tape, if you are in a dead church – run!

6. Shut the Door (v. 21, 33)

a. There are people who don’t belong at this point of your life in your home

i. Those are the people who will stop you from having a generation of souls coming out of your home

7. Without prayer the vision dies (v.33)

a. Up to this point in verse 33, no one had pray for this generation child to be revived

b. You need a touch of God

8. What God starts he completes (v.35)

a. He sneeze seven times (different types of sneezes!)

i. God is saying to you today, “What was incomplete in you, I will now complete in you.”

9. Take up your son

a. It is time for you to take the generation God wants you to raise and mentor through you

10.Take out what God has raise in

b. “She took up her son and went out” – what God had done in her home, she went out with it.

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