Summary: Are you hungry for a mighty move of God? Take the example of the opening of Solomon’s Temple and learn what it takes for God to fill the house.

When God Fills the House

Sunday, March 02, 2008

By Pastor Jim May

I hear these same words coming from the lips of nearly everyone I meet. There seems to be a great hunger for a mighty move of God in the church. I believe that we are coming down to the last of the last days. Jesus is coming soon. And I believe that the Bride of Christ must be about making herself ready to meet the Bridegroom.

As their wedding day is drawing near the bride and groom can think of little else other than preparations for the wedding. Their only concern is to be prepared for the time when they will finally be joined as one under God. Everything else takes a backseat in their lives.

If they have a job, it seems that they just go through the motions for their thoughts are with the one they love.

If they are shopping the cost of that which they go to purchase will surely be considered so it will not interfere with the needs of the wedding. The man and woman who are soon to wed watch their spending and they are very careful not to foolishly waste the money needed for the wedding, or the honeymoon or the beginning of their marriage.

If the bride and groom are near one another in the days before the wedding, then nothing else and no one else is more important than each other.

I believe that is the way that the church should be feeling right now. It won’t be long until the bridegroom comes to catch his bride away and carry us back to the Father’s house for the wedding ceremony. There we will rejoice together with God as his own dear children. We won’t be invited as guests. We won’t be invited as honored servants. We won’t go to that wedding feast as strangers. But we will enter the gates of Heaven, walk right into the Throne Room of God, and stand before the Father in Heaven as his own dear children, Sons and Daughters of God, heirs and joint heirs with Jesus Christ, and there we shall reign forever and ever with him.

We should be preparing for a wedding. We should be seeking only to please the Lord because very soon, nothing else will really matter. All we should be looking for; and all that we should be hoping for is the time when we will finally be together with the Lord.

The hunger for a mighty move of God is there because we can sense that the Bridegroom is about to come. We, the church, are the Bride and we are anxiously waiting that great day when Jesus shall come again. We are hungry for God. We are looking for his coming. Our eyes are fixed on that Eastern sky because we don’t want to miss his coming. I want to see Jesus, the one who died for me. I want to behold his face and to see his glory and majesty. I want to experience that Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

The hunger inside of us cannot be satisfied with a thick juicy steak or a seafood platter. The hunger inside of us is not physical but spiritual. I want more of God. I want to be more like Jesus. I want to know that I’m truly born again, filled with the Holy Ghost and power, and anointed for service. I’m hungry for a mighty move of God. I’m starving for a fresh anointing of power from on High. I need God today, more than I did yesterday. I was blessed yesterday. I walked with God yesterday. But I still need more of God today.

My prayer is, Lord, fill this house. Not just this church building of brick and mortar, but this house of flesh where your Spirit dwells. Fill this cup Lord. We lift it up Lord. Come and quench this thirsting of my soul. Bread of Heaven, feed me ‘til I want no more. Here’s my cup, fill it up and make me whole. I’m hungry for a mighty move of God.

I need a revival in my soul. We need a fresh anointing, a fresh infilling, a fresh experience and a mighty move of God down in our souls. Come and fill the house Lord! That is our prayer!

But what is it going to take to get God to fill this house? What’s it going to take for God to move in our church and in our own heart? I believe we can find an answer to these questions in the Word of God. There was a time when God filled his house, and when the presence of the Lord came in, all the efforts of man came to nothing, because God moved and man just had to sit back and enjoy the presence of God.

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Sara Brown

commented on Nov 28, 2014

Another good word. I keep notes in my Bible. I like to look back at them from time to time.

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