Summary: A careful examination of Psalm 13 and the importance of being open and honest with God.

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Scripture: Psalm 13

I. Introduction: Have you ever felt that God was giving you the “silent treatment”? What is the Lord’s purpose for not immediately answering prayer? How should you respond when God seems distant?

II. Message

A. Examples of God’s Silence

1. Mary and Martha and their sick brother Lazarus

2. 400 years of silence between the testaments

3. Silence in heaven Rev. 8:1

4. When I was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis

B. Why is God sometimes silent?

1. To get our attention

2. To make us aware of unconfessed sin

3. To postpone an answer because we aren’t ready to listen

4. To teach us trust in Him Hebrews 13:5 shows that even if we can’t see God working, He is with us.)

5. To help us distinguish between His voice and other voices

6. To encourage perseverance until we experience a breakthrough

7. To teach us the practice of sitting quietly in His presence

C. How do we respond to God’s silence?

1. Disappointment

2. Discouragement

3. Confusion

4. Doubt

5. Guilt (Some people fear they have sinned.)

6. Anger

7. Fear (Some Christians feel deserted by God or worry that they have lost their salvation.)

D. How should we respond to God’s silence?

1. Ask the Lord why. Jesus questioned the Father (Matthew 27)

2. Remember that God’s silence doesn’t mean He’s inactive.

3. Trust Him. In His silence, He works for good in your life (Psalm 13)

4. Anticipate a more intimate relationship with Him.

5. Respect God’s right to be silent. Deliberately set aside time to be quiet before Him.

6. Read the Bible, and tell the Lord you are available to listen.

7. Keep praying. Eventually, you will have a breakthrough.

III. Closing: Through times of silence, God impresses on us the truth about sin, develops our trust in Him, and guides us to maturity. When the Father seems distant, faithfully seek Him and watch for His provision.

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