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Summary: When God let’s us go in life how do we do?

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When God lets us go.

Good morening . God is great isn’t He. He picks you up when your down. He comforts you when your in pain. He heals you when your hurt . He let’s you go on your own when He wants to see how you handle things. WHAT! Yes , He let’s us go . But He is always with us, He is always there for us. How can ,why does He let us go? This is a little strange from what we are tought to think about our Father in Heaven. In 2nd Chronicles 32:31 tells us that “...God left him (Hezekiah) to test him and to know everything that was in his heart.” NIV. God left him to see what was in his heart. Just as He does us as we grow in Christ and our relationship with Father , He will not only test us but will stand back and watch us to see what we will do.

Remember when you were first learning to ride a bike and the training wheels had just been taken off. For some of us our dad was there ,others mom, and others a relitive or friend but that first time we started pedeling and they held on to the back of the seat . Comforting you and asuring you that they would be there. As they walked with you and you kept telling them “ don’t let go .” You had faith that they would not let go . You trusted them with all your might that they would not let go . Your faith in them was so great that you didn’t even realize that they let you go . You rode that bike by yourself ,still thinking that they were holding on to you . Having faith in them . They were still there , they were still watching you . They were within a few steps from you but you were rideing by yourself . That is what God does . He has our training wheels on when we are being tought something new from Him . We are a little shakey just like Peter in the boat when Jesus was on the water he had faith in Jesus that he stepped out on the water . He had faith that Jesus would not let him sink . But then the storm started to blow and Peter let his faith that Jesus would not let him go , disapere. He started to think of the things of this world . He ,just like us when we took that first bike ride, started out fine , having total faith in Jesus that He would not let Peter drown, Just like we had faith that they would not let us go . Then the storms came just like the storms of life come and although Jesus was still there ,He stayed there . He let Peter come to Him in faith.

What happened when we finnaly realized that we were on our own. We did ok for a few seconds but eventualy it set in that we were on our own and the realities of what might happen like a crash came in , just like the storms surrounding Peter . We then fell . Our parent was there and ran to you . They checked you over and mabey kissed the boo boo on your knee and they conforted you . Just as God does . He let’s us go from time to time , always watching us , but just off on the sideline . He watches us to see what we will do . Will we do His work or get caught up in our world and fall. When we do fall He is always there to comfort us. He is there to kiss the boo boo on our knee. He is there to show you how pround He is that you made this little journey on you oun . That He knew you could do it.

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