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Intro: Oral Roberts—day that changed my life. 3 John 2—asked his wife, do you believe this, she said, what? That God wants to bless us spiritually, she said yes, physically, she said yes, and financially—He said, that you prosper, God wants to bless us in our finances too. He said, on this day I realized that God wants to prosper us in every aspect of our lives, and that is when his ministry took off. Today, do you believe God wants to prosper your life in every way. I believe your attitude about blessings will determine the amount and measure of blessings God will be able to pour into our lives.



Background: God promises Israel that He would bless them if they would walk in obedience. Today, it is still the same, if you walk in obedience to God’s Word, He will prosper your life.

I. In Your Field, In the City—v.3 this is such an exciting promise because God is going to bless you, no matter who you are, and no matter where you come from..

· God’s blessing aren’t limited to any particular demographic—If you are from the city, God will bless you, if you are from the country, God will bless you. He basically gives this promise, no matter where you are at, or where you have come from, my ability to bless is still the same.

· Mechanic, C.E.O., from a well known family or an unknown family. “ it doesn’t matter who you are, it only matters who He is.”

II. From your first step of the day, to the last step, you will be blessed—v.6

· God’s blessings will wake you up in the morning, and God’s blessings will go to bed with you at night.

· The anointing will rest on you life—here is God’s thought, God’s presence will rest on your life, you don’t put it on or take it off, you walk in the anointing of God.

· God basically is saying, be on the constant look out for blessings in your life. Instead of walking around looking for bad things to happen, as the people of God, we should walk around looking for good things to happen.

Ill) a man bought some farmland, but after a few years of poor crops, he got frustrated and sold his property. The family that bought the farm had a company come to drill a well for them, but struck oil. The man sold his farm which was had one of the largest oil deposits in the Midwest. The moral of this story is, you got to go a little bit deeper to find some blessings. In your walk with God, go a little bit deeper and you will find great blessings in your walk with God.

III. Blessed in your battles—v.7 I am sure that most people would rather be blessed with no battles at all. But God wants to be God in your battles, the battle is the Lord’s.

· You are going to win in the battles of life. God wants to bless your life by giving you victory. If you have areas of your life where you have always lost, give God that battle and you will win.

· Your enemies are going to retreat not you—the word depression in a literal sense means being pressed down. Many times life presses people down, but with God fighting for you, you are lifted up.

IV. Lender not the borrower—v.12

God wants to make a blessing out of you. In the area of finance, God wants to prosper people to be the lenders and not the borrowers. God wants to be involved in every area of our lives, and if we will give Him control of every area, He will bless every area.

A black pastor was telling the other day how they have prayed for their congregation to be blessed in finance. Some of the members have been so blessed that they have set up a financial institute of helping fellow Christians struggling in the area of finance. He stated in the last 5 years over 100 families have become debt free in their church.

· We should pray for every business man or woman in our church that God will multiply blessings into their lives. We should pray that God bless every family with more than enough.

· God blessed Solomon with so much that when the Queen of Sheba saw his riches she almost passed out. She said, the half had not been told. I pray God will bless you in ways that are so great, that when people see it, they nearly pass out.

V. Head and not the tail—v.13 I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be the tail. As one man said, there isn’t that great of a view from the back of the pack.

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Ronald Cooper

commented on Oct 31, 2006

This message reminds us the the earth is the Lord's and all it is filled with. We are our Father's children and He will indeed provide us with all that we need.

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