Summary: sometime in life we find ourselves hemmed into situations where we can not go forward and we cannot go backward.

God stands between us and our circumstances

Sometimes in our life, God will allow us to be hemmed into situations where it is humanly impossible for us to get ourselves out of. In other words, sometime in life we find ourselves in situations where we cannot go forward and we cannot go backward. Sometime we find ourselves employed on a job that we just do not want to go to because the boss is just impossible to work with and yet we cannot stay home because of all our bills are due. Some time we find our selves hemmed into a relationship we know we cannot go forward with it and yet we do not have the strength to get out of it.

You see church God will sometime allow us to be hemmed into situations or that is circumstances so that He may be glorified. The Lord says in Psalm 50:15 call upon me in your day of trouble and I will deliver you and you shall glorify me. Church the Lord knows that unless we have difficult situations, then some of us would never pray. Unless God allow trouble to over come us, some of us would never seek His face. So many people only come to church to ask God for a financial blessing because they are in hemmed into a situation where they are down to their last dime and all the bills are due. There are so many people the only time they come to church is when there is a death in the family, many parents the only time they pray for their children is when one is in trouble. It is sad but true the only way God can get our attention some time is when He allows situations and circumstances to over come us.

For God lead the children of Israel out of Egypt to the Red Sea. He hardens the heart of Pharaoh and caused him to pursuit the people. God could have leaded the people another way, He could have taken them straight from Egypt to the Promised Land, or He could have destroyed Pharaoh back in Egypt. However, He chose not too.


You see church, God will also allow us to be faced with situations so that He can demonstrate His power. For in study the journey of the children of Israel we find in the 14th chapter at the first verse where God instructs Moses on the route they must go. For you see church the people was only a short distance from, the place they were to go to worship the Lord, then God had then to turn to the right and travel toward the Red Sea. You see church God knew that Pharaoh had a plan to destroy the people. Just as He knows today that the devil has a desire to steal, kill and destroy us. However, God also has a plan for us.

In our text we find the children of Israel facing the Red Sea, they have mountains on one side, impassible dessert on the other, and the enemy on their back. Some of us has found ourselves in similar situations we are faced with problems in our homes, we are surrounded by problems on our jobs, we find ourselves hemmed into a relationship that is going nowhere and people are talking about us on both sides however church I stopped by to tell you that just as God knew the fragile situation that the Israelites were in He knows the circumstances you are facing this morning.

We need to remember He said I would never leave you nor forsake you. I will be with you always even until the end of the earth. Jesus tells us in John 14th chapter at the first verse “Let not your hearts be troubled. Trust in God and trust in me.” And also you need to remember my brothers and my sister the words of the Apostle Paul in Roman 8: 28 “We know that in everything God works for the good of those who love him. Church just as the Israelites were God’s called people so are we, and just as He had a plan to save and deliver the people way back then, He has a plan to deliver us from the hands of the enemy and our situations today.

You see church, just as the Red Sea was not the end of the earth for the people then, the situations you are facing this morning is not the end for you.

Look at verse 13 of our lesson Moses said to the people “ Do not be afraid but stand still and see the salvation of the Lord for you today, He did not say after awhile and by and by, but today. Church, God wants to deliver some of us today, but we are just like the children of Israel while God wants to take us out of our situations we are grumbling and wants to go back into the same situations He just saved us from. For as soon as He delivers some people from bad relationships they return right back, He delivers people from drugs and alcohol and yet the moment trouble comes their way, they want to get drunk or high. He deliver us from over due bills give us a good credit history and the first thing we do is over charge again. You see church the people was out of Egypt, but Egypt was not out of them, like some church folks today, they are out of the world but the world is not out of them.

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