Summary: A personal meeting between Christ and Zacchaeus while travilg the dusty road


LUKE 19:1-10


~ Back in the early days of movies, the movie company hired 2 people called “barkers.”

~ One would talk bad of the movie and the other good.

~ They would get you thinking so much, you would come in to see which barker was


~ Lets go even farther back to Royalty;

They would send out a type of “barker” a few days before they arrived.

~ To tell all the good of the Royal group or people coming through town, saying

“prepare ye the way.” Mr. & Mrs. So & So is coming!

~ Upon the arrival of these people, the people of the town would line the streets with

great excitement to see who was coming.

~ With the hope, they and or there household would be picked above all the other people

for the night.

~ In those days it was considered the greatest honor to your family if you were chosen to

keep the traveling Royalty.

~ From the richest to the poorest, from the highest official to the lowest employee, from

millionaires to hobo’s, from beauty queens to the ugly duckling; they all lined the

streets, with the hope of taking that someone of Royalty home.

~ Notice this: this is the last time that Jesus was coming through Jericho, for just a few

short days latter he was to be Crucified.

~ He came to Jericho, A cursed city for ONE REASON, to seek and to save.

~ As for you here today, this may be the last time that Jesus will pass by your way.

#1 Lets look at Zaccheus; Vv.1

His Status-Zacchaeus, was the chief of the publicans – the highest of the tax men.

His Life-His life and thoughts were nothing but money, which is all he cared about.

His Need-He was lost and w/out Jesus.

Salvation Came to Town-He was busy gaining an earthly status and loosing out on his

Heavenly Status.

#2 Notice that it was Zacchaeus that wanted to see Jesus; Vv.3

Do you think he heard of him? Do you think that heard what the barkers had said?

Because of his size he could not see, sometimes we allow things of this life get in the

way of seeing Jesus when passes by, just as Zacchaeus did.

We can not let anything keep us from seeing Jesus, for this may be the last time that

He passes by for us. If there is time Blind Bartimaeus back page

#3 Use whatever means you can to see Jesus when He passes by. Vv.4

Zacchaeus used a tree.

The key is, when he comes by go out to meet Him!

#4 Notice that Jesus went to where Zacchaeus was; Vv.5

Has God ever met you?

Not only did Zacchaeus know who Jesus was, but Jesus knew him!

Aren’t you glad he knows you, yes he knows all about us.

I know that you do not want to hear “depart from me ye workers of iniquity, I never

knew you.”

#5 As the people had the streets lined Christ came calling; Vv.3

Christ came calling to him.

The calling to come down from the tree could have came from anyone,

But ONLY someone of Royalty could ask to come and abide with them.

There is no higher honor, then to have someone of Royalty come home with you.

Notice that Zacchaeus was happy for the LAST chance to rec. Jesus,

He came down from the tree joyfully!

#6 The devil showed up; Vv.7

At any time that you begin to do anything for the glory of God, you will always find

someone to complain about the work you are doing,

That Jesus of all people went home to be with a sinner, where else would he go?

As a doctor he would tend to the sick.

As a nurse she would tend to the needy.

As a Savior he would tend to the needs of Sin Sick People, which is what he does.

#7 True conversion will change your life drastically; Vv.8

Instead of always talking and thinking of money.

He began to talk of Jesus! Salvation will change your conversation.

Salvation had not only come to Zacchaeus, but to his household.

How about yours? Bobby Thompson story his dad and grandpa

#8 Christ has claimed it aloud; Vv.9

“Salvation has come to this house”!

#9 Christ came to do a work,

Christ was not blinded by the fact that Zacchaeus was rich, poor, tall, small or in a


Christ will meet you, no matter who or what you are.

He did not ask Zacchaeus. What he had been doing, yell at him about all the sin he

committed none of that mattered to Jesus, he wanted to co home w/ Zacchaeus

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