Summary: Sometimes trouble just overwhelms you. You feel vulnerable, weak, unstable. If you ever feel this way, you are in good company. David felt that way too. He poured his heart out to God and depended on the Lord in a way that will help you in times of troubl

As with some of our most recent psalms, Psalm 59 was written by David during a particularly difficult time in his life. In 1 Samuel 19 David has a death sentence on his head from jealous King Saul. In verse 9 we learn that one day an evil spirit entered Saul and he threw a spear at David, trying to pin him against the wall. David evaded the spear and ran off into the night. Saul sent “agents” to watch David’s house for him to return in the morning so they could kill him. Michal, David’s wife and Saul’s daughter, warned David and told him to escape that night. So she let him down from the window and he escaped. She, meanwhile, took one of the household idols and made David’s bed up as if he were sick in it. Saul eventually found out and Michal claimed David forced her to play the ruse.

David escaped to Samuel the Prophet and apparently wrote this song:

1 – 5

It is David’s prayer for protection and deliverance. Notice in verse 2 he talks about those who “practice sin.” The more you give into the fleshly nature, the more it becomes second nature to do those things that are against the character of God.

David calls on “Lord God of Hosts” which is a military term. David is innocent here (verses 3 and 4) and he wants God to take military action against “wicked traitors.” Anyone who puts themselves against God and His purposes is a traitor.

6 – 10

David here is picturing those agents that Saul sent to kill him—like snarling dogs. They seem to have no conscience and don’t feel like anyone who matters is listening or watching them. But God is listening and watching and they will give an account. In the same way, those that attack you for loving God will also give an account to God.

So David, instead of keeping watch on the men of evil, keeps a watch out for the Lord who is his true stronghold. I like verse 10 “My faithful God will come to meet me.” It is that fellowship in times of difficulty that is so precious!

11 – 13

David doesn’t want God to just destroy these men, but wants an example made out of them not in order to boast about himself but in order to boast that God is in control and what you do and say matters!

14 – 17

David here contrasts the growling and snarling of the dogs with his singing and “joyful” proclamation of God’s “faithful love in the morning.” The night seems long and without hope, but “joy comes in the morning” for those who love Him. And for us who love God, there will always be a morning!

Psalm 60

The introduction to this psalm is the longest we’ve seen so far. The events that inspired the psalm are found in 1 Chronicles 18:3 & 12. This takes place right after God’s great promise of an everlasting kingdom—the key Messianic prophecy of David’s life. He then mounts military campaigns against those who would snuff out Israel, and the line of the Messiah.

Verse 12 in 1 Chronicles ends with “The Lord made David victorious wherever he went.”

1 – 5

Here David is pleading with God because their enemies are making them stagger like they were drunk. In other words, the attacks and fear make them very insecure and uncertain. David feels like God is not with them because these foes exist and want to wipe them off the face of the earth. He calls on God to “save” so that “those You love may be rescued.” in verse 8. The word “rescue” means “to pull off.” I picture someone who has someone else on their back—attacking them and is pleading for God to “pull them off.” Sometimes our difficulties and those who wish us harm feel like a weight or pressure on our lives too.

6 – 8

God promises to David that “I will triumph.” Then He outlines the geographic boundaries of Israel saying that the land is His to give and that He is giving it to Israel. Remember this: in God you can do all that He wants for you. God will give you the territory of ministry for His glory!

9 – 12

At the time, it seemed like God was not being victorious for Israel but David has faith that God will “trample our foes.”

Does it ever seem to you that God is not coming through with a prayer? Don’t lose heart—if you love His Son Jesus He hears and answers every one of your prayers. It may not be in your way or your timing, but it is what will bring glory to His kingdom.

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