Summary: This sermon and others in the series talks about the priority God’s Kingdom should have in every believer’s life.

Advancing the Kingdom of God Series

“When is the Kingdom?”

(Various Scripture)

Last week we looked at and answered the question

What priority does the Kingdom of God have?

We said it has FIRST priority and Equal to gospel of Christ in preaching priority

Now that brings us to the next question on WHO WANTS TO BE MILLIONAIRE

2. When is the Kingdom?

a. When Christ returns

b. Now

c. When new heaven and new earth appear

All the above – probably…but I am going to go with (b) NOW

Go to Matt 12:28

It will certainly be here when Christ returns and certainly when new heaven and earth appears

But I believe it’s here right now…Why would I believe it’s here right now

Because Jesus said it was…neat thing is I don’t get to make this stuff up…I get to find out what the bible says

Here in this passage of Matt 12

He has cast out a demon…it is a significant event…and Jewish leaders are saying He is doing this by the power of Satan

And Jesus is saying, Why would Satan cast out devils…A Kingdom can’t stand if it is divided against itself

Then look what Jesus says in verse 28

The Kingdom of God has come upon you…it’s already there…it’s present tense

When Jesus comes and He comes in authority and people begin to follow Him and become His disciples and the Spirit of God begins to move

The Kingdom of God has snuck up on em and it’s there


And it is starting to happen…Jesus is the King and people are coming and people are becoming disciples…

The word is being preached and being obeyed and Sprit is being manifested and demons are coming out and Kingdom of God is being established and Kingdom of God is there…

And I believe it is here but there is warfare going on between Kingdoms

Kingdom of Light is battling the Kingdom of darkness

In this world we are little pockets of light…doesn’t matter if it is 3 or 4 but God wants us to be little pockets of light from His Kingdom in the Kingdom of darkness

In a room somewhere, house, church, wherever, studying the word, playing the guitar, singing…that’s the Kingdom of God

And what they want to do is bring other in that Kingdom, they want the Kingdom the expand, they want the Kingdom to grow

3. Where is the Kingdom of God?

a. Heaven at throne of God

b. IN the Holy Spirit

c. In New Jerusalem

d. Where Christians Abide

Which one are you gonna go with?

Don’t want to be a heretic, I am going to say A, B, & D, and it will certainly be in the new Jerusalem

I believe the Kingdom is in heaven at the throne of God, Jesus said “Thy Kingdom come they will be done on earth as it is IN HEAVEN

But…where else does it exist?

Rom 14:17, Paul says Kingdom of God is not an external thing, not what you eat or drink, not even what you wear

But he said The Kingdom of God is in righteousness, peace and joy

How is your RPJ? It is an atmosphere, it’s and attitude of the heart, it’s in that which the Holy Spirit can create.

That’s why I love to worship and let God’s Holy Spirit bring us into His atmosphere…into the Kingdom atmosphere

The Kingdom of God is where the Spirit of God is…there is access to super natural help in the Kingdom of God

Where else is the Kingdom of God? It is where Christians abide…Look with me at Col 1:13

Did you know that when you became a Christian you got Permanent Change of Station orders?

When you became a Christian, you were supposed to transfer

Just like riding the old bus lines…ride one bus for a certain time, got off and got onto another bus with my transfer ticket

Bible says when I became a Christian, I was supposed to transfer

I was supposed to transfer from the old kingdom I had been living in to the new Kingdom

Look at Col 1:13

There is a Kingdom, and it’s not visible, it’s invisible, but it’s in the hearts of men and women and when they come together in like mindedness, it is there in even more power and more presence

Kingdom of God is not supposed to be a formal thing but an informal thing and full of informal things that happen

He says I have transferred you, not live any longer in the realm of this world but in the Kingdom of His beloved Son

Go with me to John 18:36

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