Summary: It is only when we are poor in spirit that we can be rich in Him and His Righteousness.

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“When It’s Good to be Poor” Matthew 5:3 Beatitudes - #1

Intro: Today we will begin a series on the Teachings of Jesus known as “The Beatitudes.”

One would have a difficult in history, finding so few words spoken with so much meaning.

The word “Beatitude” defined means “Supreme blessedness or happiness.” These

Beatitudes of Christ tell us about the HOPE and the REWARDS that the Christian believer can expect both now and forever in eternity.

They also give to us a model of what a Christian Disciple should look like. They’re

sort of like Scientific Spiritual Equations: A=B. If you possess “A,” then “B” will follow.

Each Beatitude begins by saying the word, “Blessed.” This word means having a “spiritual joy

and satisfaction that remains regardless of conditions.” It doesn’t mean you won’t ever become unhappy or disappointed. It means that within your unhappiness or frustration, you can retain

the joy of knowing who’s in control and will trust even more in your Creator.

The first Beatitude is found in Matthew 5:3 and says, “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs

is the kingdom in heaven.” *What does it mean to be “poor in spirit?” (Very simply, it means to acknowledge your own SPIRITUAL POVERTY.)

1. It does not mean that you must be poverty-stricken and financially poor.

2. It is a realization of your helplessness without God in your life. It’s to acknowledge your

spiritual need of Him. To say, “God, I am fully relying on you alone to meet my every need.”

3. It is coming to the realization that you are unable to face the things of this life and of eternity

apart from God. It is EMPTYING yourself of yourself. It is to say, “God, the only thing

worth living for is a right relationship with You.”

4. It means to acknowledge that you are no better, no richer and no more superior than anyone

else – no matter what you’ve achieved in this temporary life. It is fully understanding that

everyone is a special and unique creation of God.

5. To be “poor in spirit” means to approach life with humility and a sincere appreciation – not

as though LIFE OWES YOU, but as though YOU OWE LIFE.

The opposite of being “Poor in Spirit” is being “FULL OF SELF.” (Illus. – Told wealthy

homeowner his would be last job of the day. He was offended and upset.)

There is a world of difference between these two mentalities:

1. There is the difference of thinking We are righteous versus realizing we need the

Righteousness of Christ. In other words, there is the difference of being SELF-

RIGHTEOUS versus being clothed with HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS.

2. This is an important distinction because SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESS goes no farther than

yourself – it goes no farther than your physical death. On the other hand, the

RIGHTEOUSNESS OF CHRIST is eternal and lives on forever and never dies.

3. In acknowledging our SPIRITUAL POVERTY AND NEED, we must first of all:

*Turn our attention away from the things of this world, remembering that they die when

we die and that nothing this world has to offer can make you “Rich in Spirit.”

*We must instead focus our attention on God and His Kingdom which will last forever.

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