Summary: How do you meet Jesus while in service to Him??

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When Jesus Comes in

Mark 2:1-2:15

When we come together in this house, we are coming together to meet with Jesus. At least I hope that’s why we come. If Jesus ain’t here, then I wouldn’t want to come...... We come here to hear his word. We come here to feel his spirit. We come here to gain strength from his presence.

And Wisdom, and Knowledge, and understanding

We can come together and have a meeting if we want to, but if Jesus doesn’t show up, that’s all it will be is a meeting. I want to come to the feel the power of God and sense his presence. I want to come to know that the Holy Ghost is in the midst of this church. I want to see His glory fill the house. I want to see souls set free from sin and bondage. I want to see miracles happen. I want to feel the anointing and know that Jesus is here! I don’t want to just have church I want to have Old Fashioned Church! I want more than just a good time with all of you. I want a mighty moving of the Holy Ghost and fire.

Wherever Jesus is, you are going to see people come from everywhere. How many of you have seen people flock to a church or to a place where they believe that there has been some great supernatural manifestation, whether it’s real or not?

A few years ago, there was the Brownsville Revival. Whether you want to accept all that went on there or not, you can’t deny the fact that people traveled from all over the country by the bus loads and flew in from around the world by the plane loads, just to see what was happening because there seemed to be a manifestation of the supernatural in that place. I have no doubt that much of it was not of God, but it was supernatural none the less, and it drew a crowd. I know that many were truly blessed, and some were truly saved, healed and set free. I don’t know how God chooses to do what He does all the time. I just don’t have all the answers. All I know is that God is a sovereign Lord and that He will always honor his Word and that He will always respond to true faith in God.

Even in the midst of things happening in the church where the devil seems to be having his way, God can and will move for that man or woman who truly reaches out to Him in faith.

Aren’t you glad that Jesus blesses us not only as a corporate body of Christ, but as individuals too! He will bless that one who obeys Him. He will bless that one who serves him, loves him and worships him with all their heart. It doesn’t matter if the rest of the church is sitting around not paying no attention, or their minds off in “LA - LA Land” somewhere. If your heart and mind is centered upon Jesus, He will bless you because of your personal commitment and faith.

Jesus had moved to Capernaum in Galilee because he was rejected by the people around the place where he was born and raised, in Bethlehem and Nazareth.

Most of the people had the same attitude that Nathanael had in

John 1:46, "And Nathanael said unto him, Can there any good thing come out of Nazareth? Philip saith unto him,

Come and see."

Do people think that nothing good can

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