Summary: When Jesus Comes to your house things change


Mark 2: 1-12

1. Jesus condescends to come into the house (v.1)

2. Jesus fills the room when he comes into the house (2)

He brings new friend’s with him. He fills till every desire and longing of the heart.

3. When Jesus is in the house his presence cannot be hid (v1)

We cannot separate influence form presence of Christ any more than we can have the rose without the fragrance.

4. Those who come to Jesus may meet with difficulties (4)

There was a crowd of hearers around the door. Hearers aften stand in the way of seekers. Some folks are just in a rut. Use Rut example

5. Those who bring others to Jesus must not be afraid of new methods (4)

If they don’t understand the word “believe” try the word “come”

6. Some will never come to Christ unless they are brought (3)

Four items to come to God. Law, Spirit, Word, and Servant

7. When a man is really anxious to be saved he will not be ashamed to be helped

8. When a man is healed his life will show it

9. Chris is sufficient to all who come unto him

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