Summary: Most people work very hard to develop a comfortable and set routine to life. What happens when Jesus decides to interrupt the comfortable?

"Jesus Will Interrupt the Comfortable"

Luke 5:1-11


How do you feel when someone breaks into the set routine of your life? If you are bored and lonely, you might rejoice at the interruption. But if you are fairly comfortable with your schedule or routine, interruptions are annoying and unsettling. We find that Jesus had a way of interrupting all kinds of people. Here, He breaks into the life of people well-set in their routine--The Comfortable.


A. Jesus was teaching a multitude by the Lake of Gennesaret. The crowd was so large it was pushing Jesus back.

B. The boats of two fishermen were nearby. Simon Peter’s boat was one. Jesus had already encountered Simon, having been to his home and healed his mother-in-law. Jesus had served Simon. Now Jesus was calling Simon to serve Him.

C. Jesus is calling you and me to service today. We often live as though we are to be served. Many churches and church members have forgotten that "Jesus came not to be served, but to serve." The church does not exist only to serve your every whim and fancy, but to provide an channel through which as a member of the body you can give of yourself in service to Christ!

Simon allowed Jesus to use his boat as a pulpit.


A. Jesus, the carpenter, directed the experienced fisherman where to go to catch fish! Jesus told Simon to fish at an unlikely time and place, that is in deep water and bright daylight.

B. Simon was skeptical, but chose to act in faith.

C. Very often, God’s power works in ways and at times that we do not expect. We must act in faith that God is capable of doing what He chooses to do. Act in faith even when you have doubts.

D. The results can be astonishing when we act in faith. Jesus controlled the fish of the sea and saw to it that the fishermen had a huge catch of fish. Had Simon relied only on his own instincts and refused to obey Jesus because what he commanded did not make sense to him, he would have never seen the amazing catch of fish. He would have robbed himself of a miraculous experience.

E. Never forget that Jesus controls the circumstances of your life too! As we act in faith step by step, God will use His Word, the words of other people and circumstances to verify to us His call and purpose.


A. These men were fishermen. Their entire lives were built around that purpose. More than likely, they had never known anything else. They were comfortable in their surroundings.

B. Jesus told them that they would now fish for people instead of fish! What a radical change! What if Jesus called you to change the entire focus of your life and work? Are you more committed to your own comfort that you are to Him?

C. We see a response that is so simple to read yet truly remarkable in its simplicity -- "They left everything and followed Him." Jesus called them out of the place called "Comfortable" and they responded willingly.

D. Jesus has called us to do the same. The call to follow Jesus is always a call to leave -- to leave commitment to sin and self. They could not do both remain in their boats as fishermen and follow Jesus. You cannot do both either.


Today, will you allow Jesus to interrupt the routine of your life and consider anew what He wants for your life? He desires to work in you--what does He desire to change? Are you courageous enough to consider the possibilities?

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