Summary: The voice of the Lord is a powerful thing.

When Jesus Speaks....

John 18:1-8

Some voices are the voice of power, some are the voice of reason. Think about some of those voices in your life. A parent, a teacher, that drill instructor in the military. All of us have had encounters with those whose words were powerful. I want to spend some time looking at the most powerful voice of all. The voice of the Lord.

To understand the power of God’s voice, we must look at some of the attributes and examples given by scripture. In Matthew 4:18-21. We see that the Lord’s voice changes lives. Jesus began calling ordinary fisherman to follow Him. Just as promised these men became fishers of men. We see in Acts 9:1-6 the conversion of Saul on the road to Damascus. When the Lord spoke Saul came to repentance with a name and life change to suit. In the Old Testament we read of Moses encounter with the Lord in the burning bush. Moses was called to free the Israelites. When God spoke Moses began to see the impossible become possible.

The Lord’s voice brings healing. When we speak of healing we are speaking of physical healing - as in Matthew 9:20-22 the account of the woman who touched the hem of Jesus’ garment. We also see that the Lord’s voice brings spiritual Healing - Luke 5:18-20 accounts the story of the paralytic lowered through the roof in front of Jesus. Jesus told this man that his sins were forgiven. The Lord’s voice also brings emotional healing as accounted in Genesis 21:15-19. This accounting of Hagar and Ishmael in the desert, Hagar had come to the end of her rope until God spoke to her.

The voice of God conquers evil. This is clearly demonstrated as we see Jesus sparring with satan in the wilderness. Matthew 4:8-11 shows the power of the Lord’s rebuke. This is also demonstrated in Matthew 8:30-32 as the demons beg Jesus to cast them into the herd pigs.

So now you’re thinking, "that’s great, but how does God speak today." Good question, let’s look at the ways God speaks. First God speaks to us through His word as revealed in 2 Timothy 3:16. We also see that God speaks through the prompting of the Holy Spirit as shown in John 14:16-17. God also speaks to us through other believers. I think one of the greatest examples of this is the account of the conversation between Nathan and David after David’s sin with Bath-Sheba as recorded in 2 Sam. 12:1-10. God also speaks to us through circumstances and through our families. It is important to realize for discerment that anything God speaks into your life, will never be in conflict with His word. Scripture will always be the litmus when seeking God’s direction and voice.

I leave you today with this final thought. God is speaking to you today, the question is are you listening?

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